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mister kitten
Reply Sat 7 Aug, 2010 06:10 pm
Reyn wrote:

Hmm, I'll have to take your word on this.

I think I'll stick with our lovely kitty. Wink Laughing

You mean mister kitty? :O
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mister kitten
Reply Sat 7 Aug, 2010 06:23 pm
@sometime sun,
Elm, Lorenzo, Mots
How long does the average rat live?
What's the difference between a rat and a mouse?
What kind of smells do they like?
Do they play with string?
Do you have any drawings of your friend rats?
Reply Sat 7 Aug, 2010 06:36 pm
@sometime sun,
sometime sun wrote:
Was the bite a heavy one?

What were their names?

It is usually only the shock of a rat nip that scares people so they think they have been bitten hard.
They rarely do anything other than nip, this is just a friendly warning.
I learned to hardly fear their nips at all so with me when Evan bit he bit just a little bit harder than usua because he had been an unhandled and neglected guy, but as soon as we learned and trusted and cared for each other his bite got milder and milder.
And once they knew how hard not to bite me for their affection and respect of you I could wrestle with them and sure they drew blood but it was only droplets and the fun and exercise that they got from our tussles was worth every little scratch.
I have only been bitten properly, hard and for real once and that did not stop bleeding for a very long time, I would have been perfectly justified in going to the hospital and getting stitches but did not bother and tended the very real wound myself.
If they do draw blood it is best to sanitise the wound properly.
They may be very clean animals but some can have infectious bites if the animal is not healthy.
Gosh that one did hurt a lot.
Put the fear of rat into me for a little while until we made up and became very close.

Yes they can be excited by their food if live food.

I gave mine a worm once and they had fun.

But I also found I had an aversion to feeding my animals anything that required me watch it die, I still don't think I will be able to get snakes again because I now would probably cry when I had to feed them their rodent and chick diet.

Over all there is no reason to feed your rat anything they don't catch that enters their cage.

They also say you should not feed rats meat of any kind, some saying it makes them aggressive and biters.
Mine I could treat to a piece of hot dog or sausage but not much and only as a occasional treat.
And never feed rats or any rodents for that matter dairy and cheese, they love it and you for letting them have some but to much and it can kill them.
I would as the rarest of treats let mine lick off a little cream cheese from my finger, rarely, you can tell a rats health but their coat.
Mine loved avocado but this too if to much would make their skin oily and would make their coat greasy and my Emile did not like having to be shampooed, it always made me feel rotten forcing him to let me wash and towel dry him.
A safe bet for health and I have never met a rat who did not love it is corn on the cob.
Love it they do.
There was a time I over did their food and would give them some of my own dinner and food every day, this quickly makes them sick because they need the rat food wholesomeness and roughage to be healthy.
But I did still treat them to a little bit of pasta or cous cous on occasion and they loved that.
They had fresh vegetables and fruit especially cucumber and grapes every day of their time with me.
When I have rats I have more fresh food in the house regularly so it tends to make me eat more healthily as well.
I cant wait to get some new company.

All the best,
I was holding the fluttering moth and the rat bit through the moth and deep into my finger. He did not know that he was biting my finger, all he wanted was that big fluttering tasty moth I was bringing to him. Ya know, I cannot remember their names, only that they were both white, both had really big balls (for their small bodies) and were very tame.
Reply Sat 7 Aug, 2010 10:17 pm
Did come across a neat rat when we were doing some cave work in West Virginia years ago. We were in a lrge cave system and qwere "befriended " by a family of Alleghany CAve Rats (Neotoma magister). These rats got used to us in the several days we were down there. They would come and beg food nd leave **** for us. One of the little rats lewft an old quarter which I still hve. I have no idea where the damn things family got the quarter because we were several formations down in the cave.
They have different faces than regular rats , a fuzzy tail, and hamster like ears. They are also a lot bigger, about squirrel size.
The cave rats dont have a wariness for humans (at least these didnt). They were pretty much our companions for the entire project time.
Reply Sat 7 Aug, 2010 10:44 pm
Sounds memorable and intriguing!
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sometime sun
Reply Sun 8 Aug, 2010 12:07 pm
@mister kitten,
Hey there heart.
Love "Lorenzo"
1. Fancy rats about 3 years.
2. One is a mouse and one is a rat.
3. Mine did not like the smells of unclean. But this is an interesting question, I will look into it.
4. They play with all sorts of things, Emile just used to looked pissed off when I would tease him with stuff and simply nudge it away with his nose once and then gave up.
5. I have some art and designs concerning rats but no still life or sketches, sad.
Sent you some photos in an email.

Good to see you old friend, all the best.
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sometime sun
Reply Sun 8 Aug, 2010 12:10 pm
Sounds like yours were good folk.

Yes there balls can be rather comical. Very Happy
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sometime sun
Reply Sun 8 Aug, 2010 12:15 pm
Sounds like what we have here.

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Reply Wed 4 May, 2011 09:05 pm
@sometime sun,
can you help me?? my new rat keeps on trying to bite my hand i had him for 3 weeks now.
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