These political quizzes mean nothing

Reply Mon 17 Nov, 2003 11:33 am
because some questions can't be answered as an agree or disagree even though that's the only option you get.

Example and this is for me personally.

Do or should faith based schools play a role in American education.

Yes they should because Christians, Muslims, whatever have a right to pass along their religious beliefs and convictions to their children as part of their education.

But what seems to be happening, a least in the Christian schools I know of, is that the children are being educated to be "Christian Elitists". I would bet that's also what's happening in Muslim , Hebrew, etc. schools.

Elitist is the polar opposite of tolerant.

Intolerance is the polar opposite of Christianity.

Therefore Christian schools SHOULD play a major positive role, but instead play a NEGATIVE role if they are turning out intolerant elitists.

So do I agree or disagree?

I'm not trying to pick on religious schools, it's just an example.

So many of the questions that you take on polls to decide if you are a "conservative" or a "liberal" have this built in flaw that they are useless.

I'm a Quinneycrat I've decided. everything, no matter how complicated, should benefit the Quinneys. :wink: Rolling Eyes Very Happy
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Reply Mon 17 Nov, 2003 12:08 pm
A question like that uses coded words, in this case "faith-based." You may know what you mean by it, but it has also has another meaning these days, as you suggest above.

Kind of like "law and order" in the '60s. It tended to mean "give the police what they need to crack down on protesters and rioters."
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Reply Mon 17 Nov, 2003 03:48 pm
Faith based school seem to in America today turn out a better on average product than public schools. The main reasons being those parents who go thru the expense of sending their young to parochial schools are interested in their child's education. While too many who send their children to public schools are not. Further disruptive students are quickly weeded out and expelled. So yes they play an important part in educating American children. Regarding the elitism and intolerance. Since all religions are in some manner intolerant of others and as part of the curricular there is religious training it stands to reason the children will be smacked in the face with intolerance. That is and has always been one of the major problems of religion, any religion. Being intolerant of others in the belief that their rerligion is the only way to salvation.That is true for any religion.
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