Who Wants to Live Forever?

Col Man
Reply Wed 22 Sep, 2004 12:15 am
hi all Smile

i was reading on the web about stuff like this recently

this site : http://longevity-science.org/

has loads of stuff on longevity and aging and links too Smile

hope its useful to some of you..i noticed you wanted sites on this primergray, so here we go...
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Reply Wed 22 Sep, 2004 11:13 am
Great link! lots of articles (hope the publishers don't find out)
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Reply Mon 25 Aug, 2008 07:36 am
So, does anyone know the status of the science now? What about the free radical theory of aging, cross linking and advanced glycation end-products, ALT-711 (now called alagebrium)? L-carnosine anyone? Certainly antioxidants cure a wide variety of illnesses, but are there many tests in which dietary antioxidant supplementation (not modified genes) increases the maximum and not just the mean lifespan of a group of test mammals? There is a huge amount of study of the phytochemical antioxidants in plants, but it seems to me that there is confusion and rival theories of aging, mitochondrial damage, DNA damage, etc. What's going on in this field? Does anyone know anything? Do telomeres and the Hayflick limit have anything to do with aging in humans? I am confused by the flood of literatire online, much of which is commercially motivated.
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