I asked a Question the day before but the answer didn't help me!

Reply Tue 23 Feb, 2010 12:37 am
Hi everybody! The link of my question is http://able2know.org/topic/142123-1
At that topic I asked a question for a efficient and fast way to memorize a lot of English vocabulary.
I should have mentioned My country and my goal of the work for better answer.
Now , I am not in a English spoken country and My goal is participating TOEFL exam and the number of words I should memorize is about 25000.
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Reply Tue 23 Feb, 2010 01:06 am
I'm not the best person who usually posts on this forum to answer you, Answer110, but you seem pretty proficient to me.

The number of words you should memorize is 25,000? Good grief. Who on earth is telling you that? Relax. You already speak well.

Just talk here, on this thread, and we'll answer you.
Reply Tue 23 Feb, 2010 01:31 am

you want efficient

do the practise exams
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Reply Tue 23 Feb, 2010 01:47 am
Maye be I speak well or originally WRITE well BUT I wanna a system to memorizing words and a lots of one in a short time like one year!
Reply Tue 23 Feb, 2010 02:15 am
I'm sorry, I'm not a proponent of that. I have a fairly good vocabulary in english, but I've accumulated the words over a lifetime from reading. My second language is italian, and I made my own dictionary for all the words (many) that I didn't know. I typed up what seemed all possible verb conjugations. I can only think of that as self amusement now. It is best to just talk. Talk here on a2k or talk with other english speakers.

Perhaps others here will respond with ideas for you on memorizing. I think of it as a way to not like a language.
Reply Tue 23 Feb, 2010 02:18 am
Oh, and listening to oolongteasup may be smart.
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Reply Tue 23 Feb, 2010 02:42 am
A110, I'm talking as a non native English speaker, with a quite extensive experience of various other languages.

The point is, if your goal is memorizing 25,000 words in a time span of one year, you can forget that right away.

Unless you are some autistic marvel, like Rain Man.

If you were able to do so, you would be a lot more proficient than lots of native English speakers that populate internet forums (fora).

For purposes of information, read hereafter:

A 1995 study estimated the vocabulary size of college-educated speakers at about 17,000 word families, and that of first-year college students (high-school educated) at about 12,000.

And this link: Vocabulary

However, I wish you the best in the pursuit of your goals..
Reply Tue 23 Feb, 2010 03:34 am
I don't know . Maybe you be right! (IS it a correct statement?)
But educational system in my country is very poor and success in it very depends upon memorizing.
Maybe it is interesting for you to know ONE of our sources of MA for translating course is Oxford Advanced learner's dictionary!!!!!!!!
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Reply Thu 25 Feb, 2010 04:53 pm
A110, you also asked at,


I think that the book you want to accomplish such a prodigious undertaking is,

The Longman Language Activator

I don't know if you read the material I copied at that link.

The great thing about this dictionary is that it isn't really a dictionary in the normal sense of the word.

It takes English words, not the concrete ones like table, chair, window etc, but the more abstract ones, the idioms, the everyday language words, the oness that are difficult to grasp, and centers them around keywords, simple keywords, most or many of which you probably already know.


like falling off a log

If you don't know the meaning you, as in a normal dictionary, look it up. The keyword is EASY. You go to EASY and there you find two [I think] sections,


The grand thing about this book is that virtually all the words and phrases that there are in English that have that meaning are found here, along with good explanations, whether it's BrE or AmE, degree of formality, and excellent corpus based examples.

This is something that a thesaurus doesn't do. That's why this is called an Activator, because it allows you to begin using these new words and phrases in a native speaker fashion.

Again, it's thee best book for increasing both active and passive vocabulary.

Instead of taking a lifetime to be exposed to all the uses of EASY, you're exposed to them all at once.
ebrown p
Reply Thu 25 Feb, 2010 04:55 pm
Maye be => "maybe"
"wanna" => "want to"

See, we can help you here.
Reply Thu 25 Feb, 2010 04:59 pm
@ebrown p,
We can, but not a great deal with the vocab requirements of a TOEFL/TOEIC, Ebrown.
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Reply Thu 25 Feb, 2010 05:06 pm
Pairing The Activator with newspapers, magazines, and the like should find you increasing your vocabulary dramatically, A110, because every time you check, you may find that you will learn ten fold or even a hundred fold words/idiomatic phrases per search.

Some entries like WALK have sometimes 10 to 20 sections. The thing to remember too is that so many abstract meanings flow from actual meanings.

Actual meaning
stride - to take large purposeful steps

Abstract meaning
stride - We're making great strides in our attempts to end hunger.
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