Kenmore water softener not draining

Reply Sun 3 Jan, 2010 08:04 pm
I have a kenmore 370, For the last 6 months have had really low water perssure in the house unless in bypass on the water softener. Then on Friday came home to rusty water and a water softener 3/4 of the way full of water where the salt should be. I have cleaned and looked over the Venturi with Gasket and fill flow and all that stuff 3x's, I spent 2 hrs hanging inside the tank with my feet out the top cupping the water out 1 cup at a time. Got 10 gallons of water. Cupped out 5 gallons of salt and powerder salt mush that had caked hard to the bottom 6 inch deep. I used hot water to loosen that salt up and cleaned the tank. Added bleach and the 3 gallons of water like showed on the kenmore water site. Ran the cycle. checked it when the cycle was done. It filled back up with water. The drain hose is draining and not blocked. We have had the unit for 3 yrs and use Iron out about once every 6 months as we have high levels of iron in our water. I am not sure what to do now. My hubby is gone working and wont be home for another 3 days. Any ideas, tips or thoughts would be very helpful. I went to sears and asked for help. The lady there would only help me by saling me a new unit. said it would cost me $170 for a service call plus at least $150 for parts. She said hers filled with water and flooded her basement so they baought a new one and so should I.
Is it possible that it is the contral valve? and how do I know for sure? We have a chlorinater that sits on our well house. Not sure if the extra chloine has anything to do with the issue or not. Thanks for your help.
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Reply Wed 6 Jan, 2010 08:44 pm
A kenmore 370 is THE CHEAPEST SOFTENER ON THE MARKET! IT IS NOT DESIGNED OR CAPABLE OF REMOVING IRON! If you have low water pressure i SUGGEST you throw that P.O.S to the curb and have a professional come and TEST your water and give you the results in writing!

Sears doesnt even make that softener they usell them with the KENMORE name stamped on it! They are so cheap WHY WOULD ANYBODY spend money to fix them! If you have a high amout of iron then you have destroyed the resin inside the tank and the softener is useless! I have never heard of anybody that would try to replace the resin on a cheap softener like a sears! IF you have high iron than you need a chlorine injection system (either pelletts or liquid chlorine) with a flow switch and with a 120 gal retention tank giving the water a chance to stay in contact with the chlorine so the iron can be oxidized then it needs to be filtered out.......with a carbon system (removes the iron and chlorine and in turn IS YOUR IRON FILTER......carbon needs replacement in 5yrs)10x54 tank with backwashing valve........then it needs to be softened VIA a new higher quality softener!

If you have a chlorinator with no backwashing Carbon filter than you have destroyed the resin in your softener! A SOFTENER only softens your water and cannot remove chlorine or high amounts of red water iron!
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Red Sea
Reply Fri 16 Apr, 2010 03:28 pm
I have the same problem with my Kenmore Ultra soft 800 and it is only 18 months old. Service call cost $155. withoiut any results.I got lots of reason for this to happen but, was told to fix it would cost a lot more than a new one.Neither will they honour the 10 year warranty because it was in the hous ewhen we moved in.Personally I find Kenmores a lot of rubbish so why would I spend $1500 or so for a new one.
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Reply Tue 20 Sep, 2011 04:14 pm
Did you have any respons on your problem? I have the same situation and can't seem to get anyone out here quickly. Sears will come but in two weeks. Not a good response. Please let me know how you fixed this problem. Hopefully I can work this out.
Thanks, [email protected] (address for Derek)
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