Leaky bypass valve and hose from controller to brine tank

Reply Thu 29 Oct, 2009 11:30 am
Typical story, i moved into a new house and the water softner system is not working. Here are the details.

1. It's a Rainsoft Silver series manufacture in 6/2003.

2. As far as i can tell, it looks like it has all original parts.

3. The brine tank was almost full.

4. Hard water spots formed in the shower and on the water faucets within a week.

5. The brine tank had a huge mass of salt on the bottom and the float valve was locked in salt down at the bottom where the actual valve is. I have cleaned the brine tank and float valve.

6. I marked the gears to see if they were turning and the were.

7. The bypass valve looks like a Plastic Fleck - 60049 - 3460049 as shown on Softnerparts.com.

8. The control valve looks like a Fleck 5600 Softener Valve 120 Volt 12 Day Timer as shown on Softnerparts.com.

I turned the bypass valve into "bypass mode" to prevent the water from going through the system. The bypass valve now leaks on the return side and the small hose that goes from the control valve to the brine tank also leaks.

I am guessing the bypass valve is the least of my worries because it is cheap and relatively easy to replace.

In regards to the hose going from the control valve to the brine tank, what might be causing this?

I have pictures if needed.

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Reply Thu 29 Oct, 2009 05:33 pm
First of all, I would get the digital "tc" control . It seems like you figured out the salt cake and have fixed that problem. You don't say which side the little brine line (3/8" black) is leaking but I'll bet it's at the elbow going into the overflow control in the brine tank that you removed to clean the tank. On the elbow,you might not have pushed the line all the way back into the fitting . The water will fill but ,if this elbow leaks, and then sucks air during brine draw,causing an overflow in the brine tank,also not sucking brine will not all it to clean itself. Usually when you turn the bypass back into service,it will stop dripping.
Reply Mon 2 Nov, 2009 10:58 am
What I meant by the leaky hose from the control unit was the water was dripping out of the brine side of the hose after I turned the bypass valve to "bypass" and removed the hosed from the brine tank. In other words, I pulled all the parts out of the brine tank to clean them, and while the hose was just hanging there, it was dripping water. It dripped about 2 gallons over night.

I got everything put back together, added fresh salt, set the clock, backwash, and regen times, opened the bypass valve to allow water to pass through the unit, and plugged it in. As you said, the bypass valve stopped leaking after I opened it to the service position.

The next day, the clock was stuck at 2:00 AM. With closer inspection, I found teeth missing from one of the timing gears. This is not a surprise after reading through this forum.

Where can I find a digital "tc" control?

Thanks a bunch for the help. Smile
Reply Mon 2 Nov, 2009 01:37 pm
local service provider .if none close call Rainsoft..800-860-7638
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Reply Mon 2 Nov, 2009 01:41 pm
I hit reply too quick, water leaking from the brine line is usually something stuck in the brine refill assembly, or it worn from something stuck in it. you can go to Rainsoft.com and find a dealer/service provider and email them , I don't know where you .
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