Your Worse Vday?!

Reply Sun 11 Oct, 2009 07:58 pm
Have you ever gotten into a bad date on Valentine? If so, what happened? How did it turn out and what did you do to get through? Smile
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Reply Mon 12 Oct, 2009 12:55 am
Gotten into a bad date on Valentine's Day? As in having gone out with someone you really didn't know on Valentine's Day, and have it not to turn out to have been a good idea? Or to have gone out with someone you did know on Valentine's Day and have gotten into a fight?
I would never go out with a new person on Valentine's Day - too much built in pressure involved in that.

The only disappointing Valentine's Day I can remember was the one where my son was about 18 months old and I was so excited that he was old enough to understand and participate and I took him to this storytime thing where they were giving out balloons and we had the best time, and I was so full of love for him and happy he was in my life - but then we had to leave and he didn't want to leave and I had to put his coat on because it was Maine in February and it was like -18 degrees and snowy and he didn't want his coat on - so he threw this huge tantrum and wouldn't walk so I had to pick him up and try to carry him out the door and he threw his head back and banged it on the door and everyone (including him) looked at ME like I'd just abused my child and hit his head on the door on purpose and I thought to myself, 'Wow - I'm starting to get the picture - the easy part of this parent/child relationship thing which will last the rest of my life -was the baby part - and that's in the past now...'

But I just put him down and looked at his head and gave him a kiss and then it was okay. I think that little bump on the head shocked him into seeing that when he lost control - bad things were likely to happen- even though he was only 18 months old - he's always been sort of preternaturally aware and cognizant of things.

So it all turned out alright - he'd probably help me have a really nice Valentine's Day now if he remembered things like Valentine's Day.
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Reply Mon 12 Oct, 2009 06:05 am
I had been going out with a guy for over 2 years. On V-day, I drove up to a place we both worked at to see a girl giving him a plant as a gift. To save gas, we commuted to work everyday. Well that night, I broke up with him before we completed the half hour drive home. As I found out, he didn't even bother to get me a card, a gift or even simply say Happy V-day to me anytime that day.

What was worse though...? We lived in the same apt complex and I got to see the girl who gave him a plant show up at his place the next night. Her car was there until the next morning.
Reply Mon 12 Oct, 2009 07:55 am
wow that guy pretty messed up

aidan, i used to be like ur child nd now my mom make fun of dat vday all the time Smile
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