What's a good portable CD player?

Reply Tue 3 Aug, 2010 10:10 pm
I am also looking for same type of device. I agree mp3 players are gr8 & iPod is the answer due to its capacity. Problem is I live in South Africa so everything is way overpriced & exchange rate makes it prohibitive to import cos postage costs so much, Even if I can buy a device cheaper internationally. Plus a lot of post gets stolen by the postal workers or given to people without ID confirmation to prove they are the rightful recipients.

Then 1 needs a PC to load the device. A decent sized iPod costs $500 & a reasonable size mp3 device anything from $100. I have been unemployed for 2 years & when my money runs out the bank will repossess my home when I cannot afford to pay my mortgage. I get approx $200 a month & my overheads before food/groceries & meds are = to $1000. I will be out on the street sans electrricity when my pension funds are all gone, so that problem will be solved, but until then I would like to find a way to enjoy my cd's.

Also after sales service is non-existent. I cannot even get a bus out the city without the possibility of being mugged or murdered, so getting around to find/buy anything is difficult. As far as crime goes,I wish we could host the world cup all year round. At least there were so many police out in force 1 felt relatively safe, & there were special buses (at a cost) to get tourists to shopping centres outside the CBD to spend their money.

In the words of Jim Morrison "Music is my only friend - until the end".
HELP Please, I am dying without my music.
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