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Thomas wrote:

chai2 wrote:
The next time someone mentions they enjoy driving down a crowed interstate @ 100mph during an ice storm, I'll make sure I have plenty of internet backup before saying that's not a safe thing to do.

You're such a kill-joy! Have you ever even tried driving down a crowded intestate at 100mph during an ice storm?

ah, when I was young and foolish.

I kept an 8 track tape of "Radar Love" in my glove compartent for just those occassions.
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ok, a little segway here, just for fun....

I love it when you give something a special name, and it becomes acceptable, nay, commendable.

If I said to someone, "you know what? I'm not going to eat for a couple of weeks. I'll just drink a bunch of water." I don't think they'd say "wow, that sounds like such a great way to build your will power. I'll bet you really clean out your body too."
I'd expect to hear more along the lines of "that's nuts" or "that doesn't sound very healthy."

My ex-husband was great for this kind of ****. He'd read or heard somewhere that some people only eat what has fallen off the tree or vine, and don't pick it. Something about taking the life away from the plant or something. Sounded to me like you'd be eating a lot of rotten food. After we divorced, I had to go to his house for some reason, and he was just putting a potato in the microwave. I looked at it and said "That's not washed! It's still covered with dirt."
He said he didn't want to wash off all the "minerals", which I suppose he thought was in abundance in the dried mud on the potato. I asked him if he didn't want to wash off the dog **** that might be on it too. I remember thanking God we weren't married anymore, because he would be insisting I not wash his food before I cooked it. In addition, he'd criticize me for depriving myself of all that goodness.

Another time we were watching a documentary about some buddhist monks. This monk was doing this thing where he would take 2 paces, lie down prone on the ground, get himself up by stepping foward to where his hand were outstretched, reapeat. I think he was going across the entire country like this or something.

He just thought this was the most marvelous thing he ever saw. This is when we were still married, but I still told him that was the stupidest thing I ever saw.

I'll bet that monk hadn't eaten in days.
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I think maporche is onto something here.

What doesn't kill us makes us stronger.

If it does kill him, then the average intelligence of the human race has just gone up infinitesimally.

It's a win-win.
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I've been meaning to add a comment about hyponatremia here and finally looked it up on google - this is just the first link re hyponatremia and marathon runners.. You can extrapolate from that re daily life sans electrolytes -- or not.

Some of the incidents of end-of-marathon runners keeling over were apparently due to this. I assume there is plenty about this on various runner's websites.

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