Enriched Uranium Found in Iran

Reply Thu 25 Sep, 2003 08:36 pm
When do we disarm them?

Inspectors for the International Atomic Energy Agency have found traces of highly enriched uranium at an electrical plant on the outskirts of Tehran, the second site where such evidence of unreported enrichment activities has been discovered in recent months, a Western diplomat with access to the agency's reports said today.

The finding, the result of environmental sampling at the Kalaye Electric Company plant, further ratcheted up pressure on Iran, which earlier this month was given until Oct. 31 to prove that its nuclear program is intended solely for peaceful purposes.

White House spokesman Scott McClellan today said that the finding at the electric plant was "part of a long-standing pattern of evasions and deception to disguise the true nature and purpose of Iran's nuclear activities."

New York Times
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Reply Thu 25 Sep, 2003 10:21 pm
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Reply Thu 25 Sep, 2003 10:42 pm
When do we disarm them?

September 2004? Confused
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Joe Nation
Reply Fri 26 Sep, 2003 05:41 am
No hobitbob, it will be in October er.. um... the 19th, right after the most recent polls show Dean/Clark/ Kerry's lead over George Bush increasing for the third week in a row to over four percentage points.........right before the Supreme Court rules that we are in fact in a crisis of such magnitude that to hold national elections would be folly until the danger is past..........during the World Series that the Boston Red Sox are trying to win for the second year in a row.......

Arrow ohmigod i'm a sidekick. I do sidekick predictions. what else???

ahhwummm. Rain on Sunday wherever you are...

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Reply Fri 26 Sep, 2003 07:08 am
Yikes - a repeat of Iraq I do not think they can do it again and get away with it. Can they?
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Craven de Kere
Reply Fri 26 Sep, 2003 09:57 am
There will not be a repeat of Iraq with Iran.

First of all Iran's leaders are not notorious. Few people know their names. I often joke about Saddam's mustache being a factor and while that's jest what's not is that Saddam's notoriety did indeed have a whole lot to do with the war in Iraq. Despots are nice to be rid of but for the American audience it was crucial that he was as infamous as a modern day despot gets.

Furthermore Iran has not invaded anyone recently and does not have anything other than the non-proliferatiopn treaty to uphold.

Since we have nukes, Isreal is considered to have nukes, and since the NPT has no teeth there is simply no legal justification for attacking Iran (yes yes, many will say that didn't exist with Iraq either but with Iran there is even less).

Iran is much more active in their pursuit of nuclear technology than was Iraq, their extremists also far more involved in Mid-Eastern terror, but there will not be the same war cry.

There is simply no legal justification. What might happen is an Israeli (maybe American) strike on some facilities and more likely economic sanctions by the US.

Simply put Iran hasn't surrendered to the US in an armed conflict. The US has only the NPT to work with. Other than that we'd have as much justification in attacking Iran as Iran would ahve for attacking the US based on the nuclear tests we have planned.
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