What was your first date with the person who is now your spouse?

Reply Fri 2 Jan, 2009 06:53 pm
These stories are lovely! Thank you all for sharing them.

Reply Fri 2 Jan, 2009 06:55 pm
Warm and fuzzies - love it!
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Reply Fri 2 Jan, 2009 07:07 pm
I told her I liked " Jimi Hendrix". She said she did too. She lied to me. I forgave her.
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You've got to forgive the "Hendrix" lie. I hear that lie to this day kinda often.
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Reply Sat 3 Jan, 2009 12:27 am
She said she liked Diana Ross and the Supremes. I said so did I. Love makes you do crazy things
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Walter Hinteler
Reply Sat 3 Jan, 2009 12:44 am
In Spain, during a holiday, 36½ years ago.

We said five hours in a cold October night/morning on a stone wall, exchanging the stories of our lives.

Half a year later, we lived together.

Eight years later, she threw me out of the house.

Another 13 years later, we met again - and got married.
Reply Sat 3 Jan, 2009 04:04 am
@Walter Hinteler,
awesome stories
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Reply Sat 3 Jan, 2009 06:29 pm
On our first official date, BigDice took it me out for dinner to one of the best restaurants around here. Which I didn't know at that time... At that time, I was strictly vegetarian. He knew the family who ran the restaurant and took me into the kitchen. The chef made vegetarian dishes especially for me. I was impressed! That was in September 1996. In June 1997, we had our wedding lunch at the same place and still go there for special or not so special occasions. And I eat lots of meat... Shocked
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it's a 7 - 8 hour drive between Columbus, Ohio and Toronto, Ontario, so it was a bit of a trip to have a 'date', and turn around and drive back.

I understand now...thanks

When the Prof (my husband) and I were in college - I had people at my house until at least 12:00am - it did not make for good studying - so I would make myself get up at 4:00am and study until 7:00 - then I would get to class at 8:00 - I was a music major so I took naps in the piano practice rooms in the afternoons and then would do it all again the next day - I could never do that now -

oh anyway -

the Prof would come by some mornings while I was studying and throw rocks at my window until I came to let him up - we would have coffee and he would read until we went to class. He also dj'd at the college campus radio station and I would make him dedicate stupid songs to me. SO much fun - we were such great friends - so when I went home it was hard not to see him...then he started dating someone pretty seriously, so it was hard to keep in touch without her getting jealous - when we met back up again and we knew there was something serious there - it was like we knew each other so well already - it got serious fast - those were fun days...he drives me nanners now - we are complete and total opposites - which is great sometimes and at others makes me want to pinch him - he likes this - so it works. Wink
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Tai Chi
Reply Sat 3 Jan, 2009 07:34 pm
I met Mr. Fix-it when he interviewed me for a summer job. He was a mature student looking for crew leaders for a project with a local conservation authority. I had just finished, well, stopped attending, university, and given my age and background, should have been a shoe-in but had never got around to getting my driver's license. He was flabbergasted in what was, to me, an insulting way (my main memory of our meeting). Apparently I inadvertently gave him an unobstructed view of my cleavage while rummaging around in my shoulder bag for my resume (his main memory of our meeting). A couple of days later he phoned me and asked if I would like to see a movie, prefacing the question with assurances that my response would have no bearing on whether or not I was considered for a job. I still don't know why I said yes -- except that he is exactly the physical type I find attractive -- tallish, curly hair, serious metal framed glasses, and a far-from-shrinking-violet nose. We couldn't agree on a movie and went for coffee instead. (It'll be 28 years in March.)
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Reply Sat 3 Jan, 2009 07:56 pm
She took an almost instant dislike to me.

But I was fascinated by her from the moment I saw her in our Primary
Programmer training class at New England Telephone. She was a petite
Chinese gal with lustrous dark hair and incredible eyes. Lovely, dark and
deep. She also scared the bejeezus out of me. At the time I was dog-paddling
along in the shallow end of the pool in a going-nowhere relationship. But I
could tell that with her, it would be a jump into the deep end.

We were both assigned to the same work group and got to know each other
better. We had a very social group of co-workers and often gathered at a bar
in nearby Quincy Market on Friday after work. At one such gathering I made
up my mind to ask her out. I had a few drinks to build up my nerve. Those
drinks felt inadequate and called for backup. Finally I was ready. Resolutely
I stood up. And sat back down. I was stinko. I left discretely and slept it off
in my car.

The second attempt went much better. She accepted and we went to a local
nightclub for drinks and dancing. Not the best idea -- we could barely hear
each other. So we found someplace quieter for coffee and conversation. It
turned into a wonderful night. I was a goner.
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Reply Mon 5 Jan, 2009 01:17 am
Reply Mon 5 Jan, 2009 11:55 pm
We went to a pizza place after work for the 1st date.... We talked about, of all things, childbirth. I had never talked about such a thing with a guy I hardly knew. Strange. The relationship started and stopped a few times but eventually after a couple of years we got married. Sixteen years ago now. Sometimes we both wonder what we're doing with each other, we're so different. But basically we like each other and respect each other most of the time, which is good, no?
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Reply Tue 6 Jan, 2009 12:02 am
sglass wrote:
MA took me a cast party for "Little Mary Sunshine" in Concord N.H. and on the way back to Concord he took a wrong turn in a snow storm, put the car in a ditch. Used all the gas for heat, when it got light I put all the extra clothing we had on and walked to a farm house who called the County Agent who got the car out of the ditch and took MA to the hospital. He almost froze to death. It was the coldest night of the year.

That Merry is a charmer.
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The Mr. and I never really had a first date.

I grew up near Houston and got accepted to my first choice college in New Jersey. I was dating a man and we were pretty serious, talking marriage and all that. We had been together for about a year and a half. He moved to Jersey with me and we had an apartment of our own. I spent 99% of my time entrenched in school and at work so I had no time to make friends. Boyfriend did and we ended up being invited to a renaissance festival with some guy he had made friends with at work.

We met up at said friends girlfriends house to find this other couple in the yard having a fight. The girl was giving the guy the blow off and he was getting ticked. He stormed right past me and my boyfriend got in his car and drove off. The guy kind of scared me, as he was literally 6 foot 10 inches tall and obviously pissed off. We went inside, met up with the people we did know and had a good weekend.

Well as time went on we became friends with a large group and the tall guy was one of them. He actually became extremely close friends with my boyfriend. It turned out he was a very nice and interesting person. His girlfriend was not. She was a lying cheating witch. After a lot of horrible crap they finally broke up. Unbeknownst to me my boyfriend offered tall guy our couch and, while I liked the guy I was pretty peeved that boyfriend would invite someone to live with us for an unspecified amount of time without even bothering to ask me. Tall guy was embarrassed when he found that out and offered to go elsewhere, but as I thought him to be a good friend I told him not to worry and that it wasn’t his fault but boyfriends for being inconsiderate. So tall guy moved in and we were the shoulder to cry on about his (really horrible) break up with his girl (God she was bad). Time went on and we all went about our business.

My relationship with boyfriend was getting shakier and shakier. I finally came to my senses about what an incredible ass he is (found out after the fact that he had cheated on me twice!). All this came to a head at the same time graduation rolled around. I was taking some photos of Tall Guy for his martial arts (we had become really good friends while he lived with us) and out of the blue he tells me that he is moving to Canada with some friends that he has there. I was shocked, he had never even mentioned it and I was under the impression that he was moving to TX with boyfriend and me after my graduation. I asked him why the sudden change and his answer shocked me even more.

He told me that he had fallen in love with me and he couldn’t live near me where he would always have to watch me love someone else, especially someone who did not appreciate me. Then he kissed me and left. I stood there for a long time and just tried to wrap my head around everything that had just happened. I spent the next several hours doing a lot of very deep thinking and some much needed soul searching. The next morning I broke up with my boyfriend (I had a thousand reasons not even yet knowing about the infidelities).

(Ex) boyfriend moved out that day and I got a hold of Tall Guy and spilled out my soul to him. We just held each other for a long time, both realizing how close we came to missing each other. He didn’t go to Canada. I graduated two days later and moved back to Texas. Two weeks later June 2002 I picked him up at the bus station and we were an official couple. October 2006 we made it super official and tied the knot. We are true soul mates and it just keeps getting better, I think I love him more now then when we first got together.

LOL I know this is long but this is actually the super short version!

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Reply Thu 8 Jan, 2009 08:03 am
My actual "first date" with Cheryl was her cooking me dinner at her apartment and then we watched two dvd movies after.

Our first dress-up-and-go-out-like-grownups date was we went to dinner at La Madelines and then to the Majestik Theatre in Downtown San Antonio and saw The Graduate with Morgan Fairchild as Mrs Robinson.
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I guess it was when we went by cyclocab to downtown Qui Nhon, Vietnam and ate out at a Vietnamese restaurant. He was the Chief of Medicine (and gorgeous BTW) and I was smitten from the first time I met him. That was probably on board ship when I had a cold and the Chief Nurse insisted that the Chief of Medicine treat her nurses...even if it was only a cold. I remember being embarrassed. We didn't go for our cyclocab date until 3 months before returning to the US. He is still my best friend and that was 1966.
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On our first date, she strongly suggested we go to the film of "Sound of Music." Even though I am a Julie Andrews fan, I found this film so sicky-sweet that I insisted politely as possible that we leave before intermission. Surprisingly, she did marry me within the year. We had first met when accidentally locked into a vast store room of pre-Columbian pots at the Smithsonian's old Museum of Natural History. She was a registrar; I a researcher. This attic could have been our tomb--seriously--but I did get us some attention, and freedom, after a couple of scary hours. Maybe, she figured I had useful skills, despite my bad taste in movies.
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