Ultimate heavy shotshell

Reply Thu 1 Jan, 2009 08:07 pm
On the off chance the subject should ever come up..... I've been experimenting with various kinds of 12-gauge anti-goose shells lately and can save anybody else who might be interested the expense and time needed to obtain the same information. There are a lot of claims out there and one which is real:


Whatever's in second or third place behind the new Federal waterfowl ammo is so far back it can't be seen. One of the tests I was doing involved sitting a plywood backstop on a fence and firing 3" shells at it from around 60 yards, including the BlackCloud shells and two or three other types including the heaviest and best I know how to load and the difference was startling; the other shells moved the board a little bit while the BlackCloud shells blew it back off the fence six or eight feet from where it had been sitting.
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Reply Thu 1 Jan, 2009 08:50 pm

Ive always wanted to screw with WC2 or TlC2. I know that tantalum Carbide can be pyrophoric but with very heavy cintered balls and slugs, coated with a graphite for lowering abrasiveness, I think theyd work .
By the way,W is over 3 times heavier than Fe and Tl is almost as heavy as lead.

Theres plenty of waste tungsten at drill bit manufacturing operastions. Tantalum isnt that rare either, I used to research the best ways of making it from tin slags and steel slags
Reply Thu 1 Jan, 2009 09:55 pm
The BlackCloud shot, far as I know, is ordinary steel; the magic is in the wads being used, damned near 100% of the shot is on target even at big distances.
Reply Thu 1 Jan, 2009 10:38 pm
Interesting. I would have thought that low sectional density steel would lose velocity too quickly.
Reply Fri 2 Jan, 2009 03:36 am
Larger pellets, higher velocities. Again the magic in this stuff is the new wads. God knows what you'd see if you loaded ammo with those wads and lead or plated lead shot.
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Reply Fri 2 Jan, 2009 10:34 am
I would imagine that the plastic wad would keep the barrel from eroding . My only problem with the Tungsten carbide shot is its abrasiveness. Perhaps the plastic wad would help. using a magnum load and number 4 would be perfect for goose on the wing, and no 6 for duck.
Reply Fri 2 Jan, 2009 11:09 am
Pretty much all shotshell wads have been plastic for the last two or three decades. The biggest thing involved in cleaning shotguns any more is getting the plastic residue out of chokes and forcing cones and brushes alone won't do it, there are spray chemicals for the purpose.

Other than that, I can see steel shot but no way am I ever running anything HARDER than the barrel of any sort of weapon through that barrel.

The BlackCloud ammo eliminates the most major concern most people have about steel shot in the sense that it does not require tight chokes, you basically just use the skeet or IC choke(s) in the gun.

Why they don't allow nickel-plated lead shot for waterfowl is still one of life's mysteries to me at least. The plating doesn't come off or crack even when you squeeze the pellets with pliers and the possibility of ducks or geese ever poisoning themselves with it are exactly zero.

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