Condi Rice trying to rewrite history for the next couple of months

Reply Thu 13 Nov, 2008 11:08 am
November 12, 2008
Say What?!
Posted by Warren Strobel
McClatchy blog

The Bush administration will soon be history, but that hasn't stopped its senior members from trying to rewrite history for the next couple of months ... and no doubt, long after.

We were watching a video of CSPAN's interview with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice when we had to suddenly stop and hit the rewind button. Rice said this, and we quote:

When I go to Europe, I no longer see any difference in the view that a stable and secure Iraq is in everybody’s interest, and that an Iraq that is democratic and in which Saddam Hussein, that brutal monster that caused three wars in the region, including dragging us in twice, that used " who used weapons of mass destruction against his own people, that an Iraq that is democratic and friendly to the West is better for the Middle East. I don’t see much disagreement about that.

Dragging us in twice?

Pause. Think about that.

I mean, everyone--or most everyone--agrees that former President George H.W. Bush had to respond after Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in August 1990 and threatened to go further south, into the Saudi oil fields. That's once. I suppose it's possible that by "twice," Rice was referring to U.S. involvement in the Iran-Iraq war, when the United States reflagged Kuwaiti tankers to protect them from threats to shipping, and got involved in various other ways (including by suppling intel to our-then friend Saddam Hussein to help him fight Iran).

But it seems more likely that Rice was arguing that Saddam "dragged us in" to the Iraq War. That's not our memory here at Nukes and Spooks. In fact, the record is now clear (as we reported at the time) that President George W. Bush had decided to go to war against Iraq in early 2002, just a few months after the 9/11 attacks. Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction or significant, operational ties to fundamentalist Islamic terrorists. The Bush administration dismissed Saddam's accounting of his WMD, ignored offers of mediation, and used bogus and false intelligence to make the case for war. It didn't let the U.N. Security Council or opposition from Europeans get in the way. All that makes for an odd definition of "dragging us in."

Elsewhere, in the interview, Rice acknowledges mistakes in the Iraq War, while arguing the Bush administration eventually learned from them:

There are a lot of things that could have been done differently. I think that it took awhile to really understand how to help a country that was really completely destroyed in its fabric, not just its institutions, but the fabric of society by the years of tyranny under Saddam Hussein and how to help it recover. In retrospect, we did a lot from Baghdad, a lot from the top down. The provinces and the tribes were clearly part of the answer. And it took a while to recognize that the complete integration of the civilian and military effort through the Provincial Reconstruction Teams would empower the provinces to create friends, for instance, the sons of Iraq and Anbar, who would then themselves with our help expel al-Qaida.

Rice said she will return to Stanford after Jan. 20, where she will write a book about American foreign policy--doesn't sound like a kiss-and-tell-type tome to us--and one about her late parents, John and Angelena, whom she called "educational evangelists."

Striking a theme that has been present in many of her recent speeches, and perhaps providing a hint of her future activities, RIce said education is an important national security issue:

If I am concerned about one core issue for America, we’ll get through the many challenges and difficulties that we have, but the state of education in this country is a challenge that we better meet, and we’d better meet it soon.

It would be mean, very mean, of us to suggest that a proper accounting of history, even recent history, is a critical ingredient of a good education.

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Reply Thu 13 Nov, 2008 11:56 am
Dragging us in twice?

Ummm, you would maybe be speaking Arabic by now had the loyal “Americans” who "really" understand war and self preservation not acted. Had we not been "dragged" into protect our own freedom then Libya, Syria and maybe even Afghanistan (via A K Khan in Pakistan) would be nuclear now. Our war with Iraq forced their neighbors to rethink their aggressive stances.

Only the left dragged their feet in this war and history will remember the left as cowards and traitors who threw their medals of honor on the Whitehouse lawn!

We would have four Iran’s instead of one. You have to be wearing blindfolds to not see that, and you think Europe wants FOUR IRANS?


NOT ONLY would they all be NUCLEAR and have radical Islamic governments (translated into English, no democracy) but we might have long been wiped off the map by now!!!

You people on the left are namby pamby, film flam, shallow brained, douche bags...!

Reply Thu 13 Nov, 2008 12:33 pm
Talk about re-writing history? Apparently the author failed to remember the HISTORY behind the reasons we had to go back to Iraq the second time.

That is not to suggest how Bush handled the operation, which was poor at best.

Yet, maybe this liberal writer should go back into history and "re-learn" the justifiable reasons we had to go back.

Just start with the continual violation of every agreement outlined in the terms of surrender from Gulf 1.
Bi-Polar Bear
Reply Thu 13 Nov, 2008 12:56 pm
why did we have to go to Iraq the second time? Oh yeah I forgot... because they did 9/11..... sorry.
Reply Thu 13 Nov, 2008 01:44 pm
@Bi-Polar Bear,
why did we have to go to Iraq the second time? Oh yeah I forgot... because they did 9/11..... sorry.

Saddam was breaching the Kuwait no fly zone on a daily basis... So Iraq was the only country at the time where we were in an "active" military conflict.

So were we to start a war with Iran without tying things up in Iraq first?
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Bi-Polar Bear
Reply Thu 13 Nov, 2008 03:31 pm
and you log cabin republicans preach traditional christian values while sucking the cock. What branch of the service did you serve in and where and when?
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Reply Thu 13 Nov, 2008 10:14 pm
Rewriting history. It drives me crazy. Mad
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