well we voted today

Jenifer Johnson
Reply Sat 1 Nov, 2008 12:59 pm
There are only two forms of government. Self-governance/individualism or collective control/collectivism.

Voting is a scam used by the political structure to give one a sense of participation in the political outcome. The liberal/conservative or Democrat/Republican sides are all run by the same collective control for the predetermined outcome. If voting really mattered, they would outlaw it. At voting's most basic level, it is perpetrating criminality on one's fellow country man.

The objective is to create a collectivist paradigm. The left/right, conservative/liberal, or Republican/Democrat are all false sides in the paradigm to give you a false perception that you are fighting for your rights. Every issue is framed in a conservative versus liberal because government creates a left/right paradigm to give you a false choice. Government creates a false right-left paradigm within the structure of government, which excludes the individual, so from the group perspective, we have a side in which we think we are fighting for our own cause and own protection. The objective is to get the focus off of Government, because the only legitimate control is from an individual perspective.

The only legitimate form of governance is based on the principles of Individual Sovereignty. Under the principles of Sovereignty, one is in total control of one's actions because they are totally responsible for their actions, which establishes the basis for moral authority. Under the true legitimate authority, the only way I can get you to do something I want, is to provide positive benefit for your actions, by agreement. All human interaction is between individuals by agreement. Without agreement, the action becomes a crime against humanity. The only difference between making love and rape is consent.

No matter what religion one professes to believe in, or what code of law is considered just, the most basic criteria for what can be considered right or wrong is, no one has the right or authority to violate another's individual rights and individual sovereignty. No one on earth is god, so no one has authority or right to control another. A violation of one's individual rights and individual sovereignty, is a crime against humanity. There is no moral justification for Democracy. Voting is another collectivist mechanism (fraud) to con the sovereign out of their individual rights and sovereignty. I can not vote your individual rights and sovereignty away from you, because it violates sovereignty law (NO one has the right to violate another's individual rights and sovereignty).

The basic principal of Democracy is mob rule for the benefit of the collective. To put Democracy into the simplest terms so that even a criminal simpleton can understand, it is three wolves and sheep voting on who is for breakfast. Or three men and one woman voting on who gets bloody thirds. As you can see, Democracy is just another form of Collectivism (Judaism), promoting an illegitimate form of governance, perpetrating crimes against humanity.

For those that are dedicated to "Democracy", how do you defend your criminal mentality?
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Reply Sat 1 Nov, 2008 02:14 pm
Foxfyre wrote:

Osso pointed out one of the really serious problems in New Mexico. Not only do they send out blanket mailers encouraging people to apply for absentee ballots, they are available to anybody who applies for them and they don't ask for a reason. But whether or not you got an absentee ballot, you can still take part in early voting or vote on election day. There is virtually no chance you would be caught voting twice. I honestly don't know how many actually do, but I am pretty sure that some do.

Fox, when you do an early vote - at least in the place the three of us went - you are interviewed, with your name and address checked on the computer. When my name came up, so did the information that I was sent an absentee ballot.
The interviewer then cancelled the absentee ballot on the computer, had me sign an affadavit, and additionally reminded me to tear up the absentee ballot.

But even if I had not torn it up and it somehow blew away from my trash barrel and a neighbor picked it up and filled it out.. it would have been found invalid because of the computer block of it.
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