Suggestion: Open (not anonymous) thread voting.

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Dagestan. Someone surfs in off of Google to a thread, just like Soz describes. What does that person think when he sees the article has 15 thumbs down? And all the articles on that obscure topic have negative ratings? Associating thumbs down and negative ratings with things has a negative connotation in the minds of many. Is this attractive to the person? I'm not sure.

You're jumping to conclusions. The most obvious being that an obscure thread would have many thumbs down.

I would suggest that you wait for the empirical evidence, rather than simply constructing hypothetical examples that support your conclusions.

It's only obvious if you understand that the thumbs are a feature to move threads around, and not a judgment of the value of that thread. This is not immediately obvious from a first glance at the thumbs, and there's no way you could claim it is, for there is no context to tell you that it is.

A -15 next to a thread is not an advertisement for that thread!

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You jumped to the conclusion that an obscure thread would have many thumbs down.

I think it's unlikely; an unpopular thread will fade quickly and folks won't need to thumb it down to get it off of their most common view.

And I get that you don't like the interface. You have suggested changes that, in your opinion, would be improvements. Others disagree. Craven/Robert gets to make the decision. Suck. It. Up. For. God's. Sake.
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@cicerone imposter,
CI, I've noticed your complaints this morning, and they should be addressed.
It would help if you put them in the a2k annoyances thread, a general annoyance thread sozobe started, which is in the able2know tag/category.

If you put them there, some of us can help you find your old favorite threads and show you how to do it.

I don't know the answer about the missing photographs, but the question is more likely to be caught in the Annoyance thread.

Here's the link -

I found it by looking in the tags to the left side of the page for a2k.
The tags, by the way, are on their way to being made easier to navigate, as
Craven has explained in various places.

Here's the whole category of a2k questions -
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If you don't want to discuss it, don't reply. I'm going to continue to discuss it.

It's the beauty of the system.

Reply Wed 20 Aug, 2008 11:02 am
Cycloptichorn wrote:
I'm going to continue to discuss it.

Meaning you'll continue to spam the thread with things you've already said?

Yep, that's always been the system.
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