How to avoid a no-fly list complication

Reply Tue 29 Jul, 2008 11:16 am
Certain ppl arent on a terror watch list, but for some reason some ppl still get named on the no-fly list to where they can't make the boarding slot for a flight. And certain ppl without being informed are on a terror watch list who arent terrorists, who want to know if they are on that list without having to get it known ONLY during the last minute when trying to board a flight.

So how about trying this (exercize freedom of speech/press):

Call the main airport's airline nearest you and ask whoever the person who answers if you can know ahead of time if your name is on that no-fly list, whether or not, you're considering even flying for the moment.

Tell 'em it would be extremely stupid, if not cruel and unusual punishment, of them if they dont tell ppl to save them the trip (plus cost of gas or cab. And ticket???) to the point that you and some others will blacklist that airport's airline if they aren't doing what (what is part of professional accommodations) they should do over the phone, if not confidentially over their web site, to make life and travel more simple for those willing to fly on that airline.

Any of you willing to do this? Show of hands. Get back in this thread and tell the juicy results in detail. I'm sure there will be different results among ppl's choice of airline if there is a trace of common sense in certain airlines at the airports.

I know for a fact they check your name when it's most inconvienant, if I let the news tell it to that side only seen thus far. I think it's after you buy the ticket if I'm not mistaken from what I seen on the news. What kind of sense is that? Is there no common sense in when to tell ppl whether or not they made the list? I mean, get the f out of here with that. If that is the case, only, then we the ppl should all not fly to hurt 'em in the pockets till they straighten their act up to accommodate ppl willing to fly with the utmost consideration. At least says the guy that doesn't fly away, who still would like to know if they are on that list or not for the hell of it just to see what was spared, if anything, since wouldn't fly anymore anyway.

Since it's a government mandated thing INSTALLED we the ppl shouldnt be put away from freedom of speech or freedom of press by asking questions that demand straight up answers for our best interests. If they deny you an answer over the phone with the reason being because of the government, then they (the government) are violating freedom of speech on the airline's side of the table and freedom of press on your side of the table, correct?

The government is both stupid and wretched... They snitch to you that they have you on a terror watch list through airlines for what? So it compromises their investigation on terrorists? Since it is so, then it wouldn't make sense not to allows ppl to know their status with the government's list when they want to or know ahead of time before coming to an airport, since after all it turns out the government has no problem with snitching on who they have an eye on. Does it have to be at the last minute for a person to find out they are on a list? If so, what's the reason behind that? Just to be a thorn in the foot? WTF if that aint cruel and unusal punishement on the sly where the good apples get it with the deemed bad apples.
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Reply Mon 18 Aug, 2008 12:20 pm
They aren't going to tell you whether you are on the list. If they did, all the real terrorists could find out whether they are on the list too (at least that's the theory).

But there IS a way to find out: Your name gets checked against the list when you check in, which you can do from any computer up to 24 hours prior to your flight. Try to print out a boarding pass. If it lets you, you are NOT on the no-fly list or the watch list. If it does not let you print it out and says you need to see an airline agent, you might want to get to the airport a little early so you can deal with the necessary security procedures.
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