What other languages would you use a2k in?

Reply Sun 17 Aug, 2008 07:24 pm
cj wrote :

Although I speak German, for me it's not necessary to have a German forum.

my guess is that cj wouldn't mind giving up the "german" (read : PRUSSIAN !) language 'cause she speaks BAVARIAN .

i wouldn't mind seeing some attention given to PLATTDEUTSCH here - though walter and i give it a try on occasion .

(just kidding , of course)

especially for cj's enjoyment :


i do like books with some "bavarian" - particularly if written by ludwig thoma


himmelherrgottsakarament !

(hope that's not a profanity)

High Seas
Reply Thu 21 Aug, 2008 11:07 am
I would STILL like support for mathematical symbols (plus the Greek alphabet) but want to warn Hamburger not to pick on persons linguistically further south >

Die Ziele und Tätigkeiten des 'Allgemeinen
Deutschen Sprachvereins' im Vergleich mit dem
'Deutschschweizer Sprachverein' und dem 'Bund

> any number of "northern" speakers have observed some of us don't need scramblers, nobody understands us anyway Smile
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Reply Thu 21 Aug, 2008 01:27 pm
I agree - I may need this in the future.

Besides Texan - I'd like to see Klingon.
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Reply Fri 3 Jun, 2016 11:48 am
@Craven de Kere,
I would probably use it in French.
As for my neighbors, who seek help on American culture, they would use it in Finnish, but I doubt a translation would be made because the language is dying in favor of UK English speakers.

Im hoping their are anglophobes in Finland.
Reply Fri 3 Jun, 2016 12:57 pm
You do not know a thing about Finland except what two kids tell you.
Finnish is not dying out because of UK English speakers
In Finland Finnish is spoken or Swedish. The majority of people speak Finnish.
Get that in your head and get it into the head of those girls.
They now live in USA and have to learn to speak English or American English.
Stop feeding them with your ideas.
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Reply Fri 3 Jun, 2016 01:08 pm
xxPhoebeMertensxx wrote:

Im hoping their are anglophobes in Finland.

Why do you hate proper English grammar? Rolling Eyes

I[']m hoping they're are [A]nglophobes in Finland.
Reply Fri 3 Jun, 2016 04:04 pm
How this one going?

Pssstits -(...I'm hoping THERE are AngloFILES in Finland...)
Reply Wed 8 Jun, 2016 03:51 am
@Craven de Kere,
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Reply Thu 9 Jun, 2016 03:53 pm
Not all people in finland know english, some might be anglophobic
cicerone imposter
Reply Thu 9 Jun, 2016 07:49 pm
Pidgin English.
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Reply Fri 10 Jun, 2016 07:02 am
xxPhoebeMertensxx wrote:

Not all people in finland know english, some might be anglophobic

Have you ever been diagnosed with OCD or any other obsessive centric based disorder? If not? You really should consider seeking a mental health counseling.
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