which religion uses the elements?

Reply Sun 3 Feb, 2008 01:02 pm
fire water earth wind? is that wicca? i want the specific name so i can do some research.
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Reply Sun 3 Feb, 2008 01:03 pm
and do those represent the recipe for "life"

well, you know, air is oxygen, water is h2o, fire is heat, earth is food/planet etc?

thats what it looked like to me , but i dont have any material to read on it.
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Reply Sun 3 Feb, 2008 01:09 pm
I think it is wicca.

and Pagan

and druids

Nature is the oldest religion on earth.

Check the beginning of this out.


(after the intro where the bombs and **** are going off)
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Reply Sun 3 Feb, 2008 01:49 pm
You find vestiges of pagan religion in Judaism and Christianity. Water, of course is symbolic of life, and water is regarded as a means of rebirth in the flood narrative, and also in baptism.

Fire is symbolic of purging and cleansing. As such it is seen in the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, and in the purgatorial state of gehinom, or Gehenna.
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Reply Mon 4 Feb, 2008 02:32 am
Re: which religion uses the elements?
OGIONIK wrote:
fire water earth wind? is that wicca? i want the specific name so i can do some research.

Those were the classic elements of the pre-scientific eras---The big change started in the west during the renaissance and the age of enlightenment, As for religious schemes, IMHO in the west there has always been somewhat of a conflict between the Aristotelian logic preferred by the medieval HRC and the concept of hypothesis experimentation observation, refinement that developed during the post Galilean world. This conflict still exists as many religions still view science as a tool of the devil all the while simultaneously benefiting from its fruits---for instance much of the benefits of modern technology are a direct result of exploitation of modern scientific theories, e.g. the church exploits these technologies while condemning the basis..

Today (IMHO) the real benefits of the classic elements Earth, Air, Fire and Water are represented by the fusion music of Earth Wind and Fire.

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Reply Mon 4 Feb, 2008 02:36 pm
it seems to me that the "elements" were the recipe for life, has anyone else noticed this?

its rather fascinating, i always tried to seperate "science" from "magic" and it seems to me (alchemy for example) that magicians were the first scientists?

well not magicians, druids, witches whatever there is alot of titles.

its wierd, you can like see the line seperating the peasantry from any "knowledge"

so i began thinking:
religion is just government propaganda to keep control of the population, through ignorance and fear.

now that religion is widely regarded as a fairytale , what new measures are people in power going to use to maintain their dynasties, and keep the poor people paying for everything?

i only hope they have everyones best interest in mind.

anyways, eyah so to me thats why pentagrams are so evil(wild guess alert!), they represent some of the first math knowledge(can you draw a perfect star? hint it involves alot of math) , i mean its just so complex, all the details. just reading through history i can just sense the animosity towards scientific knowledge, which undoubtedly replaced religious zeal and propoganda. damnit why do people have to throw around so much false information? i have to sort thru all that ****..

anyways i have to go find more books, theres so many questions i have
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Black tulip
Reply Tue 5 Feb, 2008 05:09 pm
Re: which religion uses the elements?
OGIONIK wrote:
fire water earth wind? is that wicca? i want the specific name so i can do some research.

These elements do feature in the Pagan religion not just specific to Wiccan. I am an initiated Witch. We also belief in Ether which is the central element meaning the spirit.

The elements are fundamental to many of the pagan religions be it Wiccan, Druidism, Northern tradition they are feature the main elements the make of the central back bone of life, spirit etc. One can not survive without the other meaning it is all relative, as life is relative as in Taoism.

If you search back in history the Greeks and Romans worship these elements understanding them to be the basis of living, dying, other realms etc. These elements are associated with the wheel of the year, connected aspirations and the knowledge of the circle and the continual cycle we live in

I hope this gives a little insight and help
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