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The words scone, tea, bread, roll, sweet and curdle are all English of long standing as are the productions they denote.

Which suggests that the US is merely the extension of the British Empire under a new name just as the European empires are extensions of the Roman as opposed to, say, the Babylonian or the Aztec.

The essential difference between the US and its parent is merely in its forcefulness which is derived from the economic advantages of a rich and unexploited territory to which European technology is applied rather than from any inherent superiority of the inhabitants of these outbuildings.

It follows, quite easily, that the British Empire has never been as large as it is now and that the destiny of that Culture, using the word in its grandest sense, is to eventually become the only Culture of the future providing that the wilfull rebellion of offspring provincials is held in check.

And English is its language and Christianity is its religion.

It is the British economic solution to the financial crisis which has been applied worldwide. i.e. Daddy has put his foot down on Paris Hilton type indulgence.

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The words scone, tea, bread, roll, sweet and curdle are all English of long standing as are the productions they denote.
Yes but emigrees from all over have finally shown you what to do to make them edible. The scones I was eating are waaaay better than those Ive eaten in UK but I still dont cre for them without really crapping the jelly and butter and cinnamon on them.
I dont consider scones a food group.

As far as Christianity, well Jeffereson took care of that one for us and the sSUpreme Court has pretty much backed him up through time. If you wanna keep paying yer damn Bishops like theyre on the dole, feel free. DArwin didnt seem to have his thesis stopped to any great degree by your Mitered clowns.
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My topic was the size of the British Empire not your hobby horses.

You just don't like hierarchy.
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