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I already have a possible name for my new supervisor. Cool
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Tai Chi
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jespah wrote:
I already have a possible name for my new supervisor. Cool

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Reply Fri 12 Sep, 2008 08:05 pm

At the last minute, RP and I had lunch with some of this crew.

It happened because the agency recruiter -- I saw something online that said that this person had also left the agency (voluntarily, I believe). I sent a congratulatory email, then I sent a note to BC's Finest. BC and I sent a few emails back and forth and before I knew it, I was being invited out to lunch at No-Name's.

When I last saw the crew, which was maybe a day before I started my current job, I had lost, I dunno, maybe 55 - 60 lbs. Now I've lost 86 and my body has reconfigured enough that it looks like a lot more.

So RP met me and we went in to have lunch with the crew. We were seated at one of those long tables. Clockwise, from directly to my right: RP, me, BC's Finest, Disorganized Luddite with Sick Cat, then on the other side of the table, Person with Cute Dog, Quiet Guy with Good Computer Skills, Guy Who Does a Mean Bob Dylan Impression (I also referred to him as Guy Who Taught Me Stuff), As-Yet Unnamed Person but is O'B's Boss and Guy Who Knows Reporting.

They remarked on how I look, they asked me about the nueva job, they told me nearly nothing about how anyone else is doing. It was ... typical.

I did miss seeing The Map, but there was some big meeting on that side so The Map was otherwise engaged. I didn't miss The Snorter, etc. as much but that person was also a part of said meeting so I was spared.

Guy Who Knows Reporting told me that my old title of Data Empress has been given to the Fashion Victim (yes, this person is female). That's okay, as I am called Data Loading Goddess at my new job.

Years ago, when I was practicing law, I was the EBT (Examinations Before Trial, AKA Depositions) Queen, then I was the Auditrix (when I was auditing) and then eventually the Data Empress/Access Whisperer and now I am the Data Loading Goddess. I suppose that's a step up in the world. I feel very Shiva-esque.

Except I should have a mouse in one hand, a pen in another, a phone in a third and my outfit should be composed of Post-It Notes and old floppy discs.

Oh yes -- the lunch -- it was pleasant but not super-memorable, like lunches like that are. But it was memorable for one thing -- now RP can attest that he has really met the above people and they really do exist.

And, they eat seafood.
Reply Fri 12 Sep, 2008 10:20 pm
And so it goes, as she walks the walk to the full goddess state of being.
Reply Sat 16 May, 2009 09:53 am
Thursday night I went out with some of the crew as I had forwarded the url of my TV appearance and so it was an excuse to go out.

BC's Finest set it up at a lovely little downtown club where, although there were no cigars, there probably had been in the past. There were spectacular views. It was a beautiful place and, even though I was wearing a skirt, all I could think of was: unless I was wearing a ballgown, I'd be underdressed.

In attendance were:
  1. myself
  2. BC's Finest
  3. The Map
  4. The Fashion Victim
  5. Disorganized Luddite with Sick Cat
  6. Canadian #2
  7. The Spouse of Canadian #2
  8. Person with Cute Dog
  9. Guy Who Knows Reporting
  10. Southern Dude (not mentioned before)
  11. Southern Dude's SO (wife?)
  12. Guy in my 'Before' Picture (not mentioned before)

I think that's everyone. The Guy Who Knows Reporting mainly sat with me, and we discussed fantasy baseball. He doesn't have a team, but knows that I do, so we lamented Big Papi's home run drought and all things Red Sox (Red Sock?).

Canadian #2 was the only one who actually asked me about how my family is. The Map was, well, the Map, but was funny and somewhat minimally stressed. For the Map. The Victim sat at the other end of the table and barely said three words to me. Eh, and so it goes.

There were questions about my dietary habits, and how far I've got to go on my weight loss journey. I learned that the Disorganized Luddite with Sick Cat is only about 30 lbs. less than I am. Hmm. Everyone is watching, except for the people who aren't. Then there are the people who say they are, but aren't. Guy with the french fries who says he's on a diet, this means you.

I handed out books (I work for a publisher now), and for anyone not inclined to read, rubber ducks. The camera had dead batteries in it, alas.

I learned some interesting things.
  • O'Blivious is watching the diet and is serious enough that it was felt the club's food would be too tempting. Hence O'B bugged out at the last minute. Eh, maybe.
  • The Snorter was laid off but landed a job in another office.
  • The Slacker was laid off and may have fallen off the face of the earth. Even the Victim has no idea where the Slacker is now, and they had been tight.
  • Canadian #2 (who had been laid off with me) is working in another office, but for a cut (sorry, C #2).
  • Guy Who Knows Reporting has had two different new bosses since I was laid off from there. That was only about a year and a half ago.
  • Southern Dude has also been shuffled around, I think to another building. SD was asked to come at the last minute.
  • I forgot to ask about Canadian #1 but I think C #1 is outta there.
  • High Maintenance is pissing everyone off.
  • I learned nothing about the Smoker, the name was not even mentioned. Weird.

BC's Finest very kindly drove me home when the evening was finished. The Map and I agreed to get together again soon. C #2's spouse and I traded emails.

Hence there will eventually be a sequel, I suppose. But that company is not hiring and, in fact, is shedding employees at an alarming rate. Next time, I dunno if they'll be able to get a dozen people together for one of these things.
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Reply Sat 16 May, 2009 11:53 pm
mac11 wrote:

Sweetie, I live in a parallel universe. God I hate fluorescent lighting.

And if that's humor, you certainly don't want to have any sense of it.

I gotta say: I LOVE the MAC 11!
Rate of fire is a little too fast, but even so, thay are very lovable,
and really compact! Thay are just WONDERFUL;
not much recoil in 9mm

The world woud be a much better place if we all had more MAC 11s

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