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Born Sept. 11, 1953. Married to an avid gardener who also works as a school teacher. Two spoiled grandsons. We enjoy camping, ATVing, and similar outdoor activities like fishing and boating. Enjoy bird feeding but spend too much time trying to foil the numerous unwanted squirrels that are attracted to the buffet.

I was a born again Christian much of my adult life until I began to examine the religion closely. This was a tumultuous ride but I hung in there. I am currently agnostic.

I play a 1968 Gretsch Country Gentleman lead guitar and sing baritone.
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Wed 23 Jan, 2013 03:33 pm - [quote="north"] Interesting stuff Scroll down to the links , it gets even better [/quote] My wife said that to me once. (view)
Sun 20 Jan, 2013 09:30 am - [i]Malcontent[/i] may work in the context provided. [i]Killjoy[/i] is another possibility. (view)
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