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I am a principled man. I live my life in harmony with common laws of humanity. I accept these laws as I accept, without question, my waiting breath and the dawn of a new day to come.

I am a family man. I place my wife and children ahead of all needs and desires and I dedicate myself to their happiness and fulfillment. If you judge me, judge me first as father, second as husband and lastly as friend to them and all others.

I am a humble man. I acknowledge my ignorance and my frailties and I do so without shame or deception. I rejoice in a world I cannot know and celebrate the knowledge of those who do.

I am a working man. I earn my wage and give to those who would employ me my loyalty and the totality of my effort. My labor is a fair gift given and my gratitude shows clearly.

I am a creative man. I am a lover of language and a crafter of tales and I celebrate the muse within. Through my measured words, I seek the great weight of universal truth and the gentle laughter of knowing friends.

I am a honest man. I seek truth in all words and deeds and I count well a day without falsehood. Trust is the greatest gift I receive and in this alone am I greedy.

I am a patient man. I seek not to judge but only to help my brethren learn and grow and reach their true potential. In simple return, I seek only the whole of their best effort and a moment to exult in their victory.

I am a tolerant man. I rejoice in the differences of all people and I share in their humanity. With courage and knowledge, I confront prejudice; with love and understanding, I defy fear.

I am a healthful man. I am my own living project and I seek in my person the great disciplines of balance and moderation. Body, mind and soul are my tools and, ever the craftsman, I care for these all.

I am a wise man. I drink from the cups of enlightenment and insight and I feast on hard lessons learned. I seek out kind men of long experience and ask to share their journeys.

I am an innocent man. I seek and expect the best in all others and make no assumption of their intent. Optimism travels with me and we leave good humor in our wake.

I am a moral man. I live my life by a simple code. I have been blessed with many great things and thank all mankind by my devotion to this simple mission.
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