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Sat 2 Sep, 2023 10:35 pm - 1. I confide my problems to my father. 2. I confide my problems in my father. Which is the correct sentence? Thanks (view)
Fri 30 Jun, 2023 11:37 am - [quote="roger"] It could also mean he is paying tuition fees. [/quote]What has paying tuition fees to do with sending to school? (view)
Fri 23 Jun, 2023 03:38 am - Jack is sending his brother to school. Does it mean Jack is asking another person to drive his brother to school? Thanks. (view)
Thu 8 Jun, 2023 03:11 pm - Thanks, Roger. I have tweaked the sentence. Which is the correct verb in the following sentence? More than one of the boys is/are missing. (view)
Mon 5 Jun, 2023 01:28 pm - More than one boy is/are missing. Which is the correct verb? Thanks. (view)
Wed 24 May, 2023 01:25 am - My family is/are poor. Which is the correct verb? Thanks! (view)
Thu 18 May, 2023 09:33 pm - Residents who spoke to the channel are unsure as to whether the cause of the stains and stench is due to animal or human urination. Is "the cause of the stains and stench is due to animal... (view)
Wed 12 Apr, 2023 03:03 am - MOSG said volunteers and the MP secured a rental unit for Mr Yip since late last year. However, due to personal reasons, he prefers to sleep on the void deck. Would it be better if "for... (view)
Thu 6 Apr, 2023 07:23 am - If we’re able to get the wiring right, I could . . .” my dad muttered, trailing off. Should there be a comma after the ellipses (. . . ,")? Thanks. (view)
Thu 6 Apr, 2023 02:44 am - 1. I use my bicycle only for exercise by riding on it. 2. I only use my bicycle for exercise by riding on it. What is the difference between the sentences? Thanks. (view)
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