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Fri 12 Jul, 2024 10:10 am - Franke, 45, said that the reason behind Ruby, and Hildebrandt managing to skirt any real punishment was due to the fact she had been a licensed therapist. 1. Can "for" replace... (view)
Thu 4 Jul, 2024 11:57 am - Thanks, hightor. I read your reply again. I got it. (view)
Thu 4 Jul, 2024 08:24 am - [quote="hightor"] [quote][url=]The present simple tense is used in narratives for purposes of dramatisation to express past... (view)
Wed 3 Jul, 2024 09:01 pm - [quote="Mame"] It's in the present tense - he watched as it happened. That goes for both - lose and land... it was happening ergo present tense. [/quote]Just to clarify,... (view)
Wed 3 Jul, 2024 08:57 pm - [quote="roger"] No comma needed [/quote]Thanks. (view)
Sun 30 Jun, 2024 09:05 pm - Peru has signed a deal with the Chinese telecoms giant Huawei Technologies to train thousands of its citizens in new technology. Should there be a comma after "giant" and another after... (view)
Sun 30 Jun, 2024 02:30 pm - A group of around 10 people standing on a circular platform below rushed to the edge as they witnessed the lad lose his grip and land amid a sea of cricket fans. Why is "lose" used... (view)
Thu 27 Jun, 2024 12:18 pm - Thanks, hightor and Mame! (view)
Thu 27 Jun, 2024 09:36 am - I think the flow would be better as follows. …without burning a hole in their pocket. In the first sentence, should a colon be used in place of the period? Thanks. (view)
Thu 27 Jun, 2024 06:56 am - [quote="Region Philbis"] you're welcome. to elaborate... 'now' is actually redundant in this case because the sentence is in present tense. this is better --... (view)
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