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Sun 7 Sep, 2014 02:07 am - Hahaha sounds like your saturday night was a good one (view)
Sun 7 Sep, 2014 02:00 am - I don't feel like I'm being controlled either. Just because we might do things for one another, at any given time when one is doing something for the other, it doesn't mean that... (view)
Sat 6 Sep, 2014 09:59 am - Haha cheers, I'm sure I will be fine. I feel alot better already after hearing a few home truths. I needed to stop feeling sorry for myself and focusing on negatives, which in general are long... (view)
Sat 6 Sep, 2014 09:48 am - It's upto you, but I've got what I needed out of this so it's sort of ran its course already (view)
Sat 6 Sep, 2014 06:41 am - Chai2 your hilarious mate hahaha quick everyone look how funny chai is (view)
Sat 6 Sep, 2014 03:46 am - Haha yeah she does want me to live a healthier lifestyle and I like that she sometimes gets on my case about it because I know that it's only because she cares. And to be honest I want to feel... (view)
Sat 6 Sep, 2014 01:25 am - Haha I'll keep my response brief then - cheers pal :) (view)
Sat 6 Sep, 2014 01:22 am - I disagree mate. While I do acknowledge I have been over the top in my reaction, and I'm glad that you and the other people posting have pointed that out as clear as you all have, and I have... (view)
Sat 6 Sep, 2014 12:31 am - What has give you the impression that she's obedient? We don't give eachother orders. I have not said once that "I allow her to do this" or "I don't allow her to do... (view)
Fri 5 Sep, 2014 01:07 pm - I didn't make her quit university atall. She also didn't really like her course and felt there was limited job prospects once she graduated. She didn't want to rack up a 40k debt on... (view)
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