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Well here it is:I was born in the U.K the lived there for 9 years till my parents imergrated to South Africa and have spent the last 20 years here. I have travelled the globe a bit, but I am no globe trotter. Been to Italy, Japan, Singapore,South America and of course done Africa quiet a bit, not as far as Egypt which is a regret i have but never been back to U.K.You mite find this funny but it seems that I pick my destinatoins around the heat factor. I only really want to go to warm countries, or at least when they are warm. This would account for the fact that I have not been home yet.I have been to University where I studied Electronics Engineering for two years only to realise that this is most definately not what I want to do for the rest of my life. This decission was also infuenced by the fact that I was pressed for the exuburant prices of the next years tuition.I went into resturanteering after that as I had been working as a bar & resturant waiter, manager and chef while trying to pay for the previous years tuition. After about six years of that I got bored and thought I would breack out into something new. So I got a job as a sales rep working for a local company called Nashau. It's the same as Cannon and xerrox only better.All is history now years later and I am happily making enough to open my own company so I can loose my salary, work like a dog and never recieve a compliment. All this I do so in 25 years in can sit back and watch it run without me for a while before I go. I listen to a wide veriety of music to vast to list here. I also write and play music. Of course if I was any good I would not be here. Tat is the story for millions of others too so i don't feel bad. I feel honoured that I have somrthing to give.I like reading, movies and almost anything else that is educational.My brain is a sponge and I want to saturate it before I pass.To br cont.....
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Fri 1 Nov, 2002 07:51 pm - That's nice when it works out for you....auh... but you have a point. that btw doesnt change anything. (view)
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Fri 1 Nov, 2002 07:15 pm - Do you or do you not have it within your power to do as you please with this site, given of course the restrictions? If so then in this case that makes you the being and me the underdog.... (view)
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Fri 1 Nov, 2002 07:04 pm - but here goes, well it's like this you see, TOMAATO Potato You can give me the first logical reason not to and i'll take it from there. (view)
Fri 1 Nov, 2002 07:02 pm - if we are going to have this we should move it...!!!!! (view)
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