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Thu 14 Feb, 2013 10:34 pm - SLOTH (view)
Sat 17 Mar, 2012 04:39 pm - what is the old/ young age definition? Ithink ambtion (mine anyway) was slowly stolen with negative attitudes and nonsupport then eventually you lose ambtion however old you are.I suppose it... (view)
Sat 17 Mar, 2012 04:21 pm - i think she is talking about ambtyion not aceivment (view)
Sat 17 Mar, 2012 07:27 am - why do all the characters onfamily guy tv showhave 3 fingers and no thumbs? (view)
Wed 16 Nov, 2011 07:05 pm - the rebuilt carb had a new gasket so it should be ok . the fuel pump is acualy old enough that it ismounted to the blockk and some typerod connectinng to the crank i guess it only pumps with... (view)
Wed 16 Nov, 2011 01:46 pm - my 1984 gmc s15 will not start it does seem to be getting gas and it trys to start but just keeps going til it gets low battery it just wont turn over. i have new plugs wires i just put... (view)
Sun 28 Aug, 2011 10:16 am - just curious (view)
Wed 24 Aug, 2011 05:50 pm - iagree and also thinkgood intentions towards others when they are not around shows intgrity that beieg said i suppose people with true integrity arehard to come by (view)
Tue 23 Aug, 2011 07:59 pm - thanks to all for theac input (view)
Tue 23 Aug, 2011 06:12 pm - i think integrity is how you handle yourself/ thethings you do when you are alone/noone else around if that makes any sense peace terry (view)
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