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Tue 21 May, 2019 07:30 pm - I'm being ridiculous? Come on. I asked for advice. Even from my OP that asking her out should be a huge no no. And I talked to her like twice before I came up and asked if she wanted to meet... (view)
Tue 21 May, 2019 03:06 pm - Blah blah blah, I am completely terrible with women so I should stay as far away from them and they should do the same because I am a fucking loser who will be forever alone. Yet ain't you... (view)
Tue 21 May, 2019 07:38 am - Oh give my a fucking break so I should ask the first woman I see? Sorry that I'm not attracted to 99%of the women i see or talk to. (view)
Tue 21 May, 2019 05:41 am - Fuck you people I aked her out and now shes voiding me. Swearing off women for good. I can't deal with this shit (view)
Thu 16 May, 2019 09:41 am - I don't know, maybe perhaps they said it to make it easier for me to approach her. Or something else, maybe I misheard because I didn't notice any difference with her today. Its... (view)
Wed 15 May, 2019 09:41 am - That's the problem. My past failures and inexperience is what's leading into more failure. Well the last time I had a crush on someone was over a decade ago. The other problem is people... (view)
Wed 15 May, 2019 04:52 am - Well I just found out that this woman was looking for a husband, and to start a family so she thought I might be a good fit but she found that I wasn't looking for that and thought I was... (view)
Wed 15 May, 2019 02:34 am - I may have forgot to mention i never been on a date or ever had a girlfriend. Let alone I've always been awkward around women I like and my awkwardness apparently puts off any woman. (view)
Tue 14 May, 2019 06:09 pm - After writing this I was thinking i was overthinking it too much which may have lead to my problem. Doesn't help that it makes me scared about it. Asking her out is out of the question.... (view)
Tue 14 May, 2019 12:19 pm - It's not me starting that wanting marriage and kid bs. Its the co workers talking about it, but your right thats not their problem but unfortunately i got caught up in it. It ends now then,... (view)
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