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Lover of sci-fi, horror, fantasy, action, comedy, movies, boxing, traveling, animation, games, museums, and more.
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Tue 19 Jan, 2021 09:26 pm - I mean like in Tuca and Bertie, Talespin and all? Anthros are people such as Goofy while Pluto is just a plain normal animal. (view)
Tue 19 Jan, 2021 09:22 pm - What makes stuff like Heavy Metal, Watership Down, Bojack Horseman, Fritz the Cat, classic Simpsons, Futurama, Wizards, The Wall, Fire and Ice, Archer, Aeon Flux, Spawn the animated series, Ninja... (view)
Tue 19 Jan, 2021 05:09 pm - It's western animation and a very well written series that is dark dramedy as it's Fritz the Cat and Heathers in one. (view)
Tue 19 Jan, 2021 03:19 pm - Have you ever watched Bojack Horseman? (view)
Tue 19 Jan, 2021 08:31 am - He's such a dick (view)
Tue 19 Jan, 2021 08:14 am - Do you think after that traumatic experience he suffered from PTSD? (view)
Tue 19 Jan, 2021 08:13 am - He actually posted fart videos? (view)
Tue 19 Jan, 2021 07:53 am - How do you feel about human male X anthro female? (view)
Tue 19 Jan, 2021 07:52 am - Fuck God, i'm atheist (view)
Tue 19 Jan, 2021 07:09 am - I think it's nice and your an ignorant person. The lizard xeno woman is a woman and a person who is different and seeing two different woman of different races/species in love is amazing.... (view)
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