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Justice is a good thing,maybe the best of things;it punishes the guilty,comforts the victim and protects the innocent;it is the closest
we will ever come to a perfect world.

Josef Tandofsky
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Thu 8 Jul, 2021 02:20 pm - (view)
Fri 8 Apr, 2016 04:07 pm - Back in 1993, my gun rights were under attack. The State of California had suspended them.I asked the ACLU for help but they refused. Lawyers are so expensive that I had to wait 3 years to get... (view)
Fri 8 Apr, 2016 06:38 am - Here is the body count from Nazi records Dr. Wilhelm Hoettl, after being sworn, declares: I was a member of the SD from 1938 until the German collapse except for two interruptions during... (view)
Thu 31 Dec, 2015 05:57 am - "Many, including the US, still wear the swastika. Isn't the freedom of speech wonderful?" A legal scholar said it years ago:"One of the prices we pay for free speech is the... (view)
Tue 29 Dec, 2015 11:14 am - "Almost the whole human race now agree that Hitler was a bad person so what is your point in creating this thread?" There are people posting to this forum who still spout Hitler's... (view)
Tue 29 Dec, 2015 10:55 am - You said: "He loves controversial subjects that people respond to." We are here to discuss things, are we not?I doubt anyone wants to discuss things which are not controversial. (view)
Tue 29 Dec, 2015 10:52 am - Indeed it does, and some people still accept his theories. That's why I made the post. (view)
Tue 29 Dec, 2015 10:50 am - There are some people who still believe his speeches and theories. (view)
Tue 29 Dec, 2015 10:49 am - It's a group of large corporations. Their stockholders own the media. (view)
Sun 27 Dec, 2015 07:14 pm - Topaz tells us repeatedly: Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf that the Jews tell big lies. The Jewish media took his words out of context and claimed that Hitler was in favor of big lies.... (view)
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