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Tue 29 Dec, 2009 08:16 pm - Thank you, JTT&Contrex. In my opinion, backshift is the grammar but maybe native speakers don't always follow their grammar. For example, I am a Chinese, but I never think about grammar... (view)
Tue 29 Dec, 2009 02:37 am - Thank you very much, Contrex. [quote]Now that I've found the Master’s degree Programme in Electrical Engineering, I know it is the one that I want to pursue. [/quote] [quote]When I... (view)
Tue 29 Dec, 2009 02:10 am - [quote]When I found the Master's degree program, I knew that it was the one that I wanted to pursue.[/quote] Does it mean i don't want to pursue now? (view)
Tue 29 Dec, 2009 01:12 am - Thank you, Engineer. What you said is really important for me. (view)
Mon 28 Dec, 2009 07:39 pm - [quote]Finally, what is a "Master Programme"? Did you mean a Master's degree programme? [Capital M, small d, small p]?[/quote] Thank you, Contrex. yes, it does mean a... (view)
Mon 28 Dec, 2009 07:47 am - [i]Once I found the Master Programme in Electrical Engineering, I know that this master programme is what I really want to pursue.[/i] Could you give me a better expression instead of "what I... (view)
Thu 24 Dec, 2009 12:54 am - Thank you, JTT. That makes sense now, but I still feel it's too long. why you add this?[quote]with the result that a lot of them have married [or?] and have their own [children] child.... (view)
Wed 23 Dec, 2009 05:43 am - Thank you, JTT. I just mean "disappear" (view)
Wed 23 Dec, 2009 05:41 am - Thank you, Contrex. "extended family" would be better. (view)
Wed 23 Dec, 2009 05:38 am - [quote]Many of the first batch of China’s offspring from the "one-child only" policy has reached an where they can marry with the result that a lot of them have married [or?] and... (view)
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