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Name: Illustraight
Other Aliases: SPECTRE
Age: Classified
Strengths: Only one - God.
Weaknesses: Being without Him.

Other notes:
The Lord provides (Philippians 4:13)
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Freestyle, Rap, Rhymes, Conscience, Crime, Video Game, Hip-Hop, Action, Thought, Substance, Adventure, Punchline, Wordplay, Lyrics, Drama, Flow, Verse
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Fri 12 Apr, 2024 02:51 pm - Don’t chase that mob again. They’re all woke. If they want proper guidance, they can sign up here (view)
Fri 5 Apr, 2024 03:36 pm - Yes, yes, Prof! Long time no see, my brethren! (view)
Sun 12 Mar, 2023 09:34 am - Call this meeting to order Gentlemen, you put no fear in my heart like Bloody Loco I got some valour pumping throughout my parts like cars with Sunoco I’ve gone go-go - but protected for... (view)
Wed 7 Sep, 2022 12:15 pm - I love animals so much, I swam in your lady like a ferret I can tell you a joke about pussy, but I’m afraid you won’t get it And they do say that still waters run deep so when I... (view)
Tue 7 Sep, 2021 07:55 am - Once I had a dodo, but it flew away It existed many years ago, they abused its face So when I think back to how it roamed the luxuriant plains of my mother’s motherland, I think,... (view)
Sun 5 Sep, 2021 04:16 am - I had my game planned, but the conviction came after Found myself seeing God like Macaulay meeting the Pagemaster For years, I was a coward, who wasn’t able to embrace rappers But now... (view)
Wed 23 Jun, 2021 10:24 am - What up, prof I stay distant from naughty chicks Keep a wide berth from scorning kids, like Leviticus 13:46 These goofs are unclean to me with their corny hits They must’ve not cleansed... (view)
Mon 3 May, 2021 10:00 am - Nah, it will never die. prof and darknova are still around (view)
Wed 7 Apr, 2021 03:05 pm - I trample over the schemes of the snakes I’m Will Smith, ‘cause I’m seen as the “Enemy Of The State” Coming Christ-like, serving verses like sweet little cakes... (view)
Fri 25 Dec, 2020 08:56 am - Listen, a born Brit but they mistake me for a mud-man I’ve got dark skin, but in my heart, I’m a London man So there’s no reason why they have to come and run a man down like a... (view)
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