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Name: Illustraight
Other Aliases: Autistik, highPRO, StarLord
Age: Classified
Strengths: I'm not telling you that!
Weaknesses: I'm not telling you that either!

Other notes:
I get these emcees swept off their feet like the past tense of sweep
Rappers still try to reach, but I’m the only one with access to the mantelpiece
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Freestyle, Rap, Drama, Verse, Video Game, Lyrics, Conscience, Flow, Punchline, Hip-Hop, Wordplay, Rhymes, Action, Substance, Adventure, Crime, Thought
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Sat 13 Jul, 2019 09:43 am - Listen, my head breaks just like hearts when I write down scripts Get them all quiet like praying in underground crypts This style fits me like a glove, it’s proven to be a solid hit like... (view)
Fri 19 Apr, 2019 02:27 pm - I’m sitting on the bench thinking about saints, ghosts and rules The birds and the bees, and people putting holes through fools Hearing Tha God Fahim speak on his disc all while I’m... (view)
Wed 10 Apr, 2019 04:48 pm - Listen, I’m in a humble position So trust me when I say I don’t give a fuck if that stuff was all written It’s been too long in the game and STILL this brother is bitching so... (view)
Wed 3 Apr, 2019 06:12 am - We’ve known each other for seven years and you still can’t correctly guess my name Makes me think something was inside [b]your[/b] dinner plate It’s [i]Illustraight[/i] - not... (view)
Tue 2 Apr, 2019 04:33 am - You’re good with the alphabet, but I’m an alpha male Just ask any male about the facts I sell Consider it a contest I plan to prevail They say to withstand the rain, but I stand in... (view)
Thu 28 Mar, 2019 07:05 am - I see your verse, and like poker, I’ll raise you But I’m not giving you any credit, so you better dead it It’s nice to C you’re still a DUDU even to this day, kid Take... (view)
Sat 22 Dec, 2018 07:56 pm - Let’s start the year off strong by picking up where the last Neverending Rap Battle ended. Anyone who’s got something ill and real to spill for the sake of a little skill can do so... (view)
Sun 2 Dec, 2018 03:17 pm - Okay, I see how it is. An empty arena. Alright, let’s see if I can get everyone’s attention again and spruce this joint back up. The lines I write are like the English stanzas out... (view)
Thu 1 Nov, 2018 06:14 am - Bring the movement back, homies. This thread has been defunct for a while now and we need to put some work in. (view)
Thu 5 Jul, 2018 08:29 am - Listen, I'm a street scribe who writes minerals My pen is a carver of time, I scribble icicles Look how I style it out, Mowgli with an ice pickle Bright enough to blind eyes, it's a... (view)
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