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Wed 16 Jun, 2021 12:13 pm - Believer or not, your epitome of desire, is to be named the Greatest I am. Religions are tribes. So are the various non-believing tribes. Tribal leaders and shaman are the ones to be emulated... (view)
Wed 16 Jun, 2021 12:10 pm - Canadians searching for children. Why bother? More pain for the native community when the shame of Christianity and whites remains unchanged? I understand that plans are to seek more bodies to... (view)
Thu 27 May, 2021 08:36 pm - [quote="snood"] Is it blasphemy to call oneself ‘The Greatest I Am”? Just a question for quiet contemplation... [/quote] There is no such thing as blasphemy. To... (view)
Thu 27 May, 2021 08:34 pm - [quote="maxdancona"] I am personally against genocide. I would prefer to live in a world without genocide. My [u]personal moral standard[/u] prohibits genocide. But any moral... (view)
Tue 25 May, 2021 04:18 pm - [quote="maxdancona"] Where did you get the word "favor"??? If you want an absolute moral standard you need a deity. I never said anything to suggest I think this is a good... (view)
Mon 24 May, 2021 01:41 pm - [quote="maxdancona"] I'm not interested I am not interested in playing word games. I was speaking specifically about moral judgments not about a law to be enforced. Any absolute... (view)
Mon 24 May, 2021 01:39 pm - Thanks for this garbage apologetics. Regards DL (view)
Mon 24 May, 2021 01:36 pm - [quote="papag"] Christians have been praying for God's kingdom to come and His will be done on earth. That's God's plan to solve all of mankind's problems. What is... (view)
Mon 24 May, 2021 01:31 pm - [quote="papag"] I will never be judge and executioner, I'll leave that to the real judge and executioner, Jesus. The laws you mentioned were part of the Mosaic laws that were... (view)
Mon 24 May, 2021 01:28 pm - [quote="farmerman"] Ill turn it around. We have much spectral biochem info regardng ASP's and other pre life molecular structures. What evidence exists that you feel supports your... (view)
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