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Sun 24 Jul, 2022 09:33 am - [quote="bulmabriefs144"] No, blacks especially literally seem to abort more than anyone. [/quote] Seems that black, especially , think being black in the U.S. is not worth... (view)
Fri 1 Jul, 2022 10:42 am - [quote="bulmabriefs144"] Oh nvm, I missed the part about reversing abortion laws. I read "does abortion laws give non-whites a better economic demographic." I still think... (view)
Fri 1 Jul, 2022 10:37 am - [quote="bulmabriefs144"] Abortion is war on non-whites. It's designed literally to depopulate "those people." As for making people richer, no. [/quote] Some are... (view)
Fri 1 Jul, 2022 10:33 am - [quote="PoliteMight"] I remember this person on another forum who write racist mumbo jumbo like this. Everyone knows the answer is no, and your a sad person. [/quote] You are a liar.... (view)
Fri 1 Jul, 2022 10:31 am - [quote="glitterbag"] This is so revolting on so many levels, far too many for me to list. [/quote] The less astute will read it that way, yes. Regards DL (view)
Wed 29 Jun, 2022 06:45 pm - Does reversing abortion laws give all non-white Americans a better socio-economic demographic position? Statistically, more non-whites are aborted than whites. Reverse this trend and the... (view)
Sun 20 Mar, 2022 11:19 am - Should we stop using war as population culling of our young people? For most of our Godless history, governments and religions have used war to reduce the population of their unruly men and... (view)
Sat 29 Jan, 2022 03:51 pm - [quote="The Anointed"] [quote][b]I cannot know where Jesus ended via the bible[/b][/quote] And perhaps the reason for that, is because you have never read the bible. Acts 3: 13;... (view)
Sat 29 Jan, 2022 03:48 pm - [quote="coluber2001"] If he did any resurrecting, and I assume he did, it occurred while he was alive on Earth. [/quote] I do not believe in the supernatural. God told me that it was... (view)
Sat 29 Jan, 2022 03:45 pm - [quote="mark noble"] Hey G Long time, No see. "The 'Bible'" is a Catholic version of ... Jews have their 'OWN' 'Bible' (Library) - of... (view)
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