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I'm a curious and determined person who loves to think, seeking to share my thoughts and discuss while learning and growing as a person.
I don't hide myself. I have chosen to be true and neglect society's chains. I am walking down the path I choose, seeking truth and meaning by questioning everything that's preconceived.
I love philosophy and science and am marveled by uniqueness, nature and art.
I seek someone like me, or rather, someone similar to me but still different. Someone with whom I can share my world.
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Philosophy, Discovery, Self-Awareness, Moral, Meaning, Ethics, Young Philosophers, Conciousness, Absolute, Truth
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Thu 21 May, 2020 03:37 pm - If we think about it, consciousness resides in everything. The laws of the universe itself state that from an input comes an output. Still, conciousness is gradual, and the more complex, the more... (view)
Sun 10 May, 2020 10:13 am - When I started thinking about who I was, I realized I had been wrong all along. I am not an individual. We actually choose to be individuals when we let our conciousness emulate others', and... (view)
Sat 4 Jan, 2020 05:26 pm - Thank you, fresco. It is a very interesting concept. I hadn't heard about the Krishnamurti foundation, so I checked it out. I found myself both agreeing and disagreeing with this paragraph,... (view)
Sat 4 Jan, 2020 05:15 pm - Thank you, ekename. (view)
Sat 4 Jan, 2020 03:09 pm - As Orwell defined it, doublethinking means accepting two seemingly contradictory beliefs. But here I am going to use it as a synonym for thinking doubly, which is simple way of saying you have more... (view)
Fri 15 Nov, 2019 03:40 pm - I am tired. I am tired being in society means this. I am tired of small talk, of people not seeing nor caring where they are going. I feel so empty, so forced to talk about everyday things, when I... (view)
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