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Sat 6 Dec, 2003 01:20 am - God as "mythology" isn't needed and was needed to be less destructive in the past. It did, to be fair, have a restraining influence in the past. Now, I think a kind of... (view)
Sat 6 Dec, 2003 01:04 am - :D I have 3 comments, not necessarily to the point though. 1) The Guardian, as an American myself, is a jig-saw puzzle of the English language, as England-English and American-English are getting... (view)
Wed 3 Dec, 2003 12:55 am - :lol: Do you know and are checking to see if anyone else knows or do you not know? The street arch seems to me to be definitely central Italian, now that I think about it. What do you think? (view)
Wed 3 Dec, 2003 12:49 am - :shock: I'm usually good at this sort of thing, but I'm new at this clip art business and can't figure out how to do it. I think it's just a matter of clicking copy and then... (view)
Tue 2 Dec, 2003 02:56 am - :( Call me cynical but this legislation is another example of what is terminally wrong with the United States. Still the choices of legislators are what suits the richest and most powerful instead... (view)
Tue 2 Dec, 2003 02:47 am - :?: I would guess that it is Roman, Tuscan or from Istanbul. Not much help but each place has these architectural roots. (view)
Tue 2 Dec, 2003 01:56 am - :D Again, thank you all for your kindness. I'm touched; more specifically by Gold Bond powder. It helped a lot. I called my old nuerologist and he said that the itching was another symptom of... (view)
Fri 21 Nov, 2003 11:36 pm - :D Thank you all for your kind suggestions about stopping my itch. I have a doctor's appt on the 5th so I'll have to try and find some lotion until then. Theres nothing like a mad-itchy... (view)
Thu 20 Nov, 2003 04:02 pm - :cry: I'm looking for a regular, non-binding, not legally liable, solution to the itch that's driving me crazy. My hands and feet itch so bad I can't think of anything else. Are... (view)
Thu 20 Nov, 2003 03:49 pm - :D It seems a Frenchman was convicted of necrophilia. The startled man exclaimed to the judge: Dead! Dead! Your Honor, I thought she was English! (view)
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