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Hi! My name is Dorothy, I am a private tutor. I also have a blog with useful tips for students. For instance, do you know how to write an interview essay example or requirements of Chicago Tribune Style Citation? The Chicago Tribune offers two different ways to cite works. Below are the notes and bibliography style used for Chicago Tribune. The first line represents the citation page and the second line is the citation format within the text. Make sure to check with any professors when it comes to the format they want used when citing notes and bibliographies.

Book – With One Author
Author Name, Book Name (City Published In: Name of Publisher, Year Published), Pages.
Author Last Name Only, Book Name, Pages.

Book - With Two or More Authors
Author Name and Author Name, Book Name, (City Published: Publisher Name, Year Published), Pages.
Last Names of Authors (When only two authors), Book Name, Pages.

Three authors – Last Name, Last Name, and Full Name. Book Name, City Published: Publisher, Year Published.

Four or more authors — First authors full name and then et al., Book Name, City Published: Publisher, Year Published.

Editors, Translators or Compilers – No Author
Translator Name, Trans., Book Name (City: Publisher name, Year Published), Pages.
Last Name of Translator, Book Name, Pages.

Editor, Translator or Compiler – With An Author
Author Name, Book Name, Trans. Translator Name (City: Publisher Name, Year Published), Pages.
Author Name, Book Name, Pages.
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