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dob 21 FEB 1950. Raised in Wolcott. CT. At 18, left for Boston, then New York, then Philadelphia (current). Fed up with how dumbed-down our culture is and how "easy answers without substance" are too often desired, even though the central matter might not be resolved.

I am exclusively homosexual but, by choice, do not belong to any gay groups. My politics has traditionally been a bit left, but I am increasingly bothered by the left's present impetus.

Due to the continuous and irreconcilable hatred I had received during my school years from my peers, I have opted to be alone in life. I have no family. However, I am rarely lonely.

Nevertheless, at my present age, I am beginning to become a bit worried about my future, should I need assistance and become at the mercy of caregivers. In the USA, old people are not only not revered, but are too often despised because they do not measure up to the shallow paradigm which we have created here, and have the nerve to call 'culture'.

I am searching for answers to life's problems from people who might wish to accommodate such inquiries. - David Lyga
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