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Sun 14 May, 2023 09:29 pm - I will not vote for matter what, nor Biden. Let's hope there is somebody sane and reasonable that makes it through the extremist's primaries. (view)
Sun 14 May, 2023 09:20 pm - tbh, undecided. I did hear Hutchinson talk and he seemed to answer questions honestly and with thought. He seemed somewhat centrist, though I haven't reviewed his voting record yet. I am... (view)
Sun 7 May, 2023 09:12 pm - Tbh, I was just curious what others thought about where we are as humans and hoping for thoughts on how we might work together to solve our biggest challenges. Honestly. I came onto this forum to... (view)
Sun 7 May, 2023 09:10 pm - I don't deny any part of my life. What are you saying I am denying? (view)
Sun 7 May, 2023 09:09 pm - I can't argue with you lately. My party has lost their way. I want a limited federal government with the laws being passed to constrain us only at the most local level. The federal... (view)
Sun 7 May, 2023 09:07 pm - I believe in God, but that has nothing to do with my question or this conversation. I am also a physicist. My question was about us. About our approach to life. (view)
Sun 7 May, 2023 09:05 pm - I am not sure that God has a role in my question, but if you want to elaborate, I'd enjoy the discussion (view)
Sun 7 May, 2023 09:04 pm - I don't understand your position, can you explain. (view)
Sun 7 May, 2023 09:01 pm - maybe it was a misunderstanding (view)
Sun 7 May, 2023 08:59 pm - like it. introduced me to something new. thx (view)
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