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Mon 19 Sep, 2005 01:17 pm - :shock: (view)
Sun 18 Sep, 2005 04:24 am - Here's a pic of Bush passing note to go potty,,228749,00.jpg :drunk: (view)
Sun 18 Sep, 2005 04:21 am - [quote="glitterbag"]Maybe it's just me, but does anyone else think that Judge Roberts looks Ollie North? It's just a tad creepy.[/quote] You hit the nail right on the head!!!... (view)
Sat 17 Sep, 2005 07:29 am - [quote="hamburger"]this is kind of funny, isn't it ? if that's all our american friends had to worry about, there wouldn't be much to worry about, right ? apparently the... (view)
Sat 17 Sep, 2005 06:51 am - [quote="Baldimo"]I guess being polite matters no matter how much power you have.[/quote] That's polite? :shock: Maaaan, all these years I've been going to the bathroom, no... (view)
Fri 16 Sep, 2005 11:39 pm - [quote="Steve (as 41oo)"]well when you have to go. you have to go its really important at the time though it might not seem so later especially for rabbits who dont really bother... (view)
Thu 15 Sep, 2005 05:43 pm - Too bad it wasn't his coloring book. I bet he was going to do that right after he was given permission to take a potty break. (view)
Thu 15 Sep, 2005 11:06 am - "I'll.............need a hand." :shock: (view)
Thu 15 Sep, 2005 10:40 am - I bet Condi has to change his diapers, too. Condi = Sec of state/baby-sitter. :shock: (view)
Thu 15 Sep, 2005 10:09 am -,,3-1781796,00.html And this is our President? Oh man! :blink: (view)
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