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The molten and vaporized WTC structural steel, which is an impossibility for "hijackers" to have done with jet fuel, means the US official story can be eliminated.
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Sat 22 Sep, 2018 08:15 pm - [quote]The U.S.'s response was to publicly attack him, and try to destroy his credibility. There is only one reason for doing that, when your justification for going to war is WoMD. That... (view)
Sat 22 Sep, 2018 07:59 pm - [quote]When he makes the report public, with actual evidence, then I will believe it. Until then. its just been 2 years of wasting taxpayer money on a meaningless witch hunt.[/quote] Two... (view)
Sat 22 Sep, 2018 07:51 pm - [quote]and a polygraph for herself[/quote] I thought I had read that she took a polygraph and passed it. Isn't there a very good reason that these are not accepted in court? (view)
Sat 22 Sep, 2018 07:50 pm - [quote]The problem the ideological bubbles is that no one questions the dogma, [color=#FF0000]That's you, max. A raging hypocrite. [/color] and no one challenges their own side when the... (view)
Sat 22 Sep, 2018 03:56 pm - [quote]Neither of the parties were interested in good governance - just in stopping whatever the other party was trying to do. It was children's politics.[/quote] And the idiots think... (view)
Sat 22 Sep, 2018 03:55 pm - [quote]Do you have anything to add to a thread,[/quote] Indeed, but that would mean that you would have to address what I asked of you. Countries that maintain black hole torture chambers around... (view)
Sat 22 Sep, 2018 02:05 pm - You have the gall to think/suggest that a RW shill who replaced the right wing shill, Bill O'Reilly can "tell it like it is". (view)
Sat 22 Sep, 2018 01:48 pm - [quote]I have had the same thought.[/quote] Really, Roger. (view)
Sat 22 Sep, 2018 01:44 pm - [quote]So what else is she lying about?[/quote] Excuse me, Mr Major suck up to the world's leading serial pants on fire liar. Have you ever heard of 'hypocrisy'? (view)
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