The Future of Artificial Intelligence

Reply Fri 3 Jul, 2020 06:03 am
While watching a good documentary on AI just now, I finally realized what it actually is and why we are so fascinated by it. It is both amazing and mundane at the same time.

As it currently exists, and all it can promise in the future, is the ability to recognize patterns that we, for whatever reason, are unable to see at the time.
So asking a computer 'What is the answer to life, universe and everything?', might not be as absurd as Douglas Adams hoped.
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Reply Sat 29 Jan, 2022 07:00 am
Here's an answer to your question on artificial intelligence: What is the smallest possible measure of a thought?

Logic is usually stated as the group {AND, OR, NOT} that can define any thinking process. But did you know there's a much simpler way? All of logical thought can be expressed with just a single comparison: XOR

If there is darkness, then let there be light
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