Another old Abuzzard, but a Newbie here

Reply Sat 16 Nov, 2002 12:03 pm
Bein' as how i'm in the british commonwealth, if not exactly the empire, and seein' as how i have the gin - bring yer mugs out everybody - gin's on!
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Reply Sat 16 Nov, 2002 04:39 pm
Now, those who know me from "That Other Web Forum" realize I'm not much for ceremony. Noon or midnight ... neither are factors in my personal imbibing scheme. I depend wholly on availability ... if its offered, drink it. Though I prefer Whiskey or Whisky, I'll never refuse a spot of Gin. If I could, please, I'd like mine iced, with a bit of Schweppes and a wedge of lime, thank you.

And thanks again for all the welcomes!

Oh, and for those who may care, by general custom, "Whisky" without the "E" is Scotch, "Whiskey" with the "E" is not. I tend toward taking either well-aged, neat, and sans accompanyment save a glass large enough to allow the aroma to be savored ... but straight from the jug will do in a pinch.

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