South Africa's ex vice President up on trail for rape....

Reply Sat 11 Mar, 2006 03:18 am
So Jacob Zuma (South Africa's ex vice president) is up on trail for raping a women ( women of 31 he is 62) he has known since she was a girl but the scary thing is this man has 3 wives this is cultural right) and has had numerous acknowlededged affairs, one of the Judges could not sit trail because his sister has a child by Zuma (it seems a very common occurence here in South Africa to have a child in your family's who's father is Jacob Zuma)

But here comes the scary part yesterday he admited they had sex that they didn' use a condom althogh he knows she has AIDS. now this man used to sit in cabinet wearing a little red ribbon pin but he goes around sleeping with people with AIDS with no protection yet 3 million South African's stand behind him despite all of this. God do i live in a country with archaic beleifs and out dated attitudes to women or what, not to mention infuriatingly hypocrtical politicians.

Oh and one more thing Mr Zuma had seen a which doctor (traditional healer) a few days before he had sex (or raped depednding who you believe) this women, the healer told him he had a cure for AIDS and Zuma took it and thought he was protected by this muti and therefor immune to AIDS! AAARGHHH!!!!
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Reply Wed 12 Apr, 2006 07:37 am
It gets worse: now he has claimed that he took a shower after sleeping with her - a shower that also handily removed evidence - because taking a shower afterwards protects you from contracting HIV.

The ignorance is depressingly spectacular.

The Shower That Washed Anti-AIDS Efforts Down the Drain

Moyiga Nduru, Inter Press Service (IPS)
Tue Apr 11

AIDS activists have expressed concern about a remark by former South African deputy president Jacob Zuma that he minimised his risk of contracting the AIDS virus during unprotected sex with an HIV-positive woman, by taking a shower afterwards.

Zuma also said he believed the chance of getting HIV from a woman was slim for a healthy man.

"It is nonsense [..]," said Nathan Geffen of the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) [..]. "There are over two million men in South Africa who are HIV-positive. Most of them became HIV-positive through sex with women." [..]. "It (Zuma's comment) has caused enormous damage and confusion."

Zuma made the remarks while being cross-examined in court for allegedly raping a 31-year-old, HIV-positive AIDS activist in November last year. In South Africa, the adult HIV prevalence rate stands at about 25 percent, according to the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS).

The fact that he served as chairman of the South African National AIDS Council and as patron of the country's Moral Regeneration Movement has also prompted some to view Zuma's remarks askance. More than five million people in South Africa are living with HIV and AIDS - more than in any other country. [..]

"This is an absurd statement. Scientifically, there is nothing like minimising the risks of HIV infection by simply washing it away. I think the idea (to shower) was to destroy the evidence," Dorothy Odhiambo of the Kenyan branch of the Network of African People Living with HIV and AIDS (NAP+) said in an interview with IPS. [..] "It (Zuma's statement) can set back the campaign to reduce South Africa's HIV infection rate by five years."

Added NAP+ coordinator Jefter Mxotshwa, ''Zuma is a political leader. He commands a lot of respect and influence, especially in rural areas. And his country, South Africa, is regarded as a leader in this region. As a result, people listen carefully to an influential person like Zuma in Southern Africa."

"For example, rapists will rape and rush to shower. They will say the (former) deputy president did so. Why not us?" he observed.

Figures provided by UNAIDS show that more than a third of all people infected with HIV at the end of 2005 were living in Southern Africa: approximately 15 million. [..]

The Zuma trial has also stirred debate in South Africa about rape -- always a hot-button issue in a country where, according to People Opposing Woman Abuse, a woman is raped every 26 seconds.

The Johannesburg-based civic group further asserts that only one in nine rapes is reported, with just seven percent of these cases ending in conviction.

Insisting that Zuma is innocent, hundreds of the former deputy president's supporters gather at the court in Johannesburg whenever he makes an appearance. Last week his lawyer received a hero's welcome as he led his team out of court.

But the demonstrators have angered the TAC, which called on Zuma to restrain his supporters from attempting "to intimidate the woman alleging rape by heckling, insulting and even throwing objects at her."

"To subject a complainant in a rape case to threats and intimidation demonstrates callous contempt for all women and for the constitutionally protected human rights that form the cornerstone of our hard won democracy," the group said, in a statement.

"In South Africa rape and sexual violence against women and girls are significant drivers of the HIV epidemic. Violence against women is a daily attack on the dignity and equality of women, and our social values."
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Reply Wed 12 Apr, 2006 03:11 pm
Not to mention the awful attitudes being revealed to women in general, and rape in particular, in that country.

Not that that is any surprise...when we entertained delegations of African National Congress women before the regime change, they were always utterly clear that first apartheid would have to go, then the struggle against the horrible sexism would have to begin.

One of my friends went over there to work as a legal assistant for the ANC, and her stories of what was considered acceptable behaviour were terrifying.

Hopefully, things will slowly change.
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tagged lyricist
Reply Fri 14 Apr, 2006 03:22 am
well look it drives me up the F*&^ing wall, luckily my sector of soctiety in SA doesn't have the same belifes towards women but it seems that old cutural beleifs hang on strong within rural communities were rape and abuse is at record hights, in the shanty towns and townships too, then we have a F*ck like zuma who by the way got off but is now facing his fraud case in durban, stand up in a country rife with rape and AIDS and sprout the sh*t he does, man it is ridiculous.

I can't comprened it.
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Reply Sat 10 Jun, 2006 06:16 am
The case against Zuma was not properly prepared or presented. I am not a fan of the man, to say the least. But it would have been a huge misscaraige of justice if he had been found guilty. I am also pinning my hopes on the upcoming fraud case. The big problem is the fact that he has a large and loyal following. A following who believe everything he says and ignores the truth as propaganda to discredit their father (as some call him). Only time will tell though, and besides strange things happen on the mother continent.
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