What Do You Think is the Most Important Quality In A Person?

Reply Thu 2 Feb, 2006 06:54 am
echi wrote:
Don't you think it could have just seemed like they were manipulating you? I mean, maybe they were paranoid, or something. Are you sure they meant to do you harm?

I never said that manipulative people meant harm. That was "your" take on it. Manipulative people are usually so emotionally needy, that they often behave as they do without even thinking about how it impacts on other people. The main thing, is that people manipulate in the service of their own twisted needs.
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Reply Thu 2 Feb, 2006 07:02 am
I think you nailed it, phoenix.
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Reply Fri 3 Feb, 2006 09:15 pm
Re: What Do You Think is the Most Important Quality In A Per
Phoenix32890 wrote:
If there were one quality in a person that you believe is the most important, what is it, and why? Are there certain qualities that you look for in a person? whether the person is an co-worker, friend, lover, aquaintance, spouse?

Is there a quality that you believe is so important, that the lack of it would make that person unacceptable to you?

Integrity. Very Happy
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