Fishy Isnt Eating!

Reply Sun 29 Jan, 2006 05:58 am
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hungry hippo
Reply Sun 29 Jan, 2006 10:56 am
Sorry, I can't help. But a word of advice; don't name fish you buy and put in a bowl. They usually don't survive for long if they aren't in a proper aquarium that has proper lighting, keeps proper oxygen levels and has a filtration system.
Oh and fish can get lonely too, you know. But I don't know if this is the case for 'fighting fish'.
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Reply Sun 29 Jan, 2006 03:39 pm
Fighting fish do just fine, usually, in a little bowl with not much in it. Don't feed him too much; the uneaten food will rot in the water and make him sick. He doesn't need company; he'd probably try to kill whatever you put in with him. If you want to give him a pretty home with a plant, OK but he probably won't seem to care.

My daughter had a fighting fish that lived for well over a year, in just the little bowl she brought him home in. Good luck with yours!
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Reply Sun 29 Jan, 2006 05:49 pm
Awww. I love fighting fish. For sure, they are happy in a little bowl alone. They actually panic if you put them in too large of an area. Or, they will just stick to one portion. They are territorial and will kill most anything you put in there.

Don't know why he isn't eating. You do have to clean the water every so often. Make sure you are treating the water; not just using tap water. That could make him very ill.

You could try different food, moving him to a different area in the house. Most likely he is just adjusting to the new environment. Fish are very touchy and get stressed out by change.

Hopefully he'll settle in and start eating soon.

He could have been sick when you bought him, too. That happens a lot. Fish die all the time for what seems like no apparent reason.
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The Pentacle Queen
Reply Tue 31 Jan, 2006 07:04 am
Its ok, I waited until he was at the top of the bowl, and then I dropped a fish flake on his head and he ate, and then he ate another one. Im going to try and do that every day untill he gets the hang of eating.
I will also get him some more types of food.

He is soooo cute!
I heard you can keep a water lilly on the top of the water is that true?

thanks for all your advice.
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Reply Tue 7 Mar, 2006 02:26 am
Bettas typicially do not like flakes, though sometimes some will eat them (bettas are very individualistic, they have personalities). One thing they love (and eat something very similar to in the wild) is bloodworms, which you can get freeze-dried from almost any store with fish food, and also betta pellets, though again, every betta has it's own preferences and though most will eat pellets and many will eat blooworls, you can never predict which ones will and won't.

Was that rambling and repetitive enough?

Oh, and you can certainly keep plants in the bettas tank with him, but DON'T believe those that tell you he will eat the roots, be won't, and that you don't have to change the water (you definitely do) when you keep a plant with him.
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The Pentacle Queen
Reply Tue 7 Mar, 2006 03:13 am
wow thx, will get him some wormies if that is what he may like. he doesnt seem to keen on the flakes.
how often should i feed him???
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Reply Tue 7 Mar, 2006 10:23 am
Once a day, if he takes pellets or flakes give those first, and then somedays (not every day) you can give him a second meal, later of bloodworms.

The reason is that bloodworms have a slightly laxative quality to them, and if you fill the fishies stomach with pellet food first, he'll have time to fully digest the bloodworms before it's their turn to.... leave his body.

Also, bloodworms are very high in protein and don't have much else in them, whereas most pellets or flakes for bettas have everything but protein, so if you can get him to accept both foods you can see why it's best to use both.

As a final note, watch out for color-enhancing food. This is treated with hormones, and has less food value than normal betta food. It DOES make your betta's colors come out, but it's best to only give them very occasionally, like once a week, if that.
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