Scottish and Irish Kilts

Tue 7 Feb, 2006 02:44 pm
JGoldman10 wrote:
Thank you.
McTag, I've seen some sites on the web that say that some wear underwear under their kilts and others don't. I don't know who to believe. What is true?

I think you can believe what you want.

I have heard that it is not "traditional" to wear anything under the kilt, and I dare say that tradition holds good in the armed forces.
However I know that it must be difficult for the poor privates (like that one, eh, milord Ellpus?) on New Year's Day parades in freezing temperatures.

Otherwise, I'm sure other wearers of the kilt will make their minds up individually about whether to "go commando" or not.

And I'll finish with an old chestnut:

A young lady goes up to a kilted old Scottish soldier, and asks

"Tell me sir, is anything worn under the kilt?"

To which he replies

"Nay, lassie, it's as good as everrr it was"


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Lord Ellpus
Tue 7 Feb, 2006 03:01 pm

"How long were you in the Scots Highlanders?"

"Half as long in winter, as I was in summer"
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Fri 5 May, 2006 08:23 pm
As a Scot and a highlander im qualified to answer this question. Smile

The kilt was originally just one HUGE piece of material which was kept in place with a belt. It also served as a place to sleep. For example it was so big it was able to cover a person much like a duvet while soldiers were sleeping in fields, mountains etc.

On another note, my family name is Cummings, so i wear the Cumming tartan. I love it so much! cant wait for weddings, dances etc to wear it.

Smartest clothing there is. I do ofc, wear it true- Scotsman.
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Sun 7 May, 2006 07:58 am
as a scot and a world champion pipe band member i also feel qualified to say that the only way for a man to wear a kilt is to have it all blowing free underneath! a true scotsman would consider it sacrilidge to wear anything under his kilt!

all the women in my pupe band (myself included) had wonderful tartan boxershorts that we wore under our kilts.

had a friend who served with the Royal Scots (army) and he said that he never wore underwear once when he was on parade in his kilt!!
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Fri 28 Mar, 2014 02:07 pm

Behind Pan's Kilt
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