Our dog pees inside of our apartment

Reply Sat 19 Nov, 2005 12:41 pm
Hi, everybody!
We have a beagle girl, Chicka, she is a bit over a year. We've had her since she was about 5 months old. She was adopted.
We have a problem with her peeing inside of our apartment sometimes. We moved in here about 2 months ago, and before that we used to live in the house, where we had access to the backyard. At that time Chicka was used to be able to go outside any time she had need for it. But now the routine is different. She goes for a walk in the morning and at night time and couple of short breaks in between. But sometimes she seems to be not able to wait longer than 2 hours. Or, sometimes it could be a statement that she is upset with us( not enough attention, we left her alone for an hour, or something else). The other day, Chicka was staying at our friends' house, who have a dog as well, and they get along perfectly. She wanted to go outside, she lets you know about it by looking at the door. So our friend started to get ready to take both dogs out, and when she was almost done, Chicka squatted infront of her and peed, and it was only 2 since her previous walk.
Does anybody have any ideas how to deal with this problem? Could it be a bladder problem, or is it some sort of statements from her side, she seems to be dominant with other dogs?
Thank you,
Olya and Luis.
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Reply Sun 20 Nov, 2005 09:35 am
Well, always check with the vet in case it's something medical, but a year-old dog should be able to hold it for a couple of hours. It sounds to me like Chicka needs some training.

Also, it sounds like there may be a little territorial marking going on, although females do that less than males. Still, every time there is pee in the house, it's got to be cleaned really, really well so that the dog no longer smells it. And don't use ammonia, as that's one of the components of urine, so the dog will still think she's smelling urine. Hence a bleach-based cleaner is usually better. Hopefully this is not carpeting, because that is also an issue, if the urine has soaked through to the pad.

Punishment only works if you absolutely catch the dog in the act. I mean, in the middle of squatting. Otherwise, they're just confused, it's as if your boss chastised you for something late four months ago. Also, praise when everything is done right. Praise, praise, praise, pets and tell her how wonderful she is when she gets it right. She only wants to please you, and she does not want to be in trouble. But the truth is, she needs to know who the alpha dog is so that she knows who to please.
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Reply Sun 20 Nov, 2005 10:37 am
thank you
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