Help me pick a cell phone, please--PART II

Slappy Doo Hoo
Reply Wed 26 Oct, 2005 09:08 pm
Provider definitely makes a difference. Some have more towers than others. Everyone I know with Nextel says it sucks, and I've heard from multiple people that Verizon is the best.
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Reply Wed 26 Oct, 2005 09:17 pm
You know, I change my mind. I think you are right, Slappy. I remember looking at the coverage areas and looking up tons of reviews on phones and plans, and a lot of people said that Verizon has the largest coverage area, which is definitely a good thing. I don't know if that matters at all when it comes to the quality of the calls, but yeah, I see your point.
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Reply Thu 27 Oct, 2005 07:22 am
Yeah, I never had a cell phone before either kicky and I'm not 60 (yet).

My husband has one and I'd use it once in a while, but just because I was too lazy for get my ass off the couch....Hey, wouldya hand me your phone real quick?

Maybe a year ago, my boss, whose a real technophile, and practically surgically attached to her phone, hands it to me one day in the middle of this big meeting and in front of about 12 people just says, "here, call so and so"

"HUH?, I'll have to go to my office and get their number."

"no you don't, just call them" see she assumes if she knows something, the entire world does.

anyhow, I'm like "I don't know how" but it was the look on my face that I'm sure that made the moment. That "WTF are you doing just handing me this dead rat" look.

She handed me her palm pilot like that once and asked me to look something up....I had never touched one of those things before in my life.

so, have you downloaded any sweet ringtones?
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Reply Mon 31 Oct, 2005 06:19 pm
so, did Kicky get a phone?
did he get a sublet?
did he get a job?

is he in Tampa?

do I owe him a drink?

huh huh huh
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Reply Fri 4 Nov, 2005 12:02 pm
kickycan wrote:
Ehbeth, I hope so. We'll see. This week has been a rollercoaster of ****, I tell ya. I don't even want to tell you where I'm at in this whole process, for fear of putting a damn hex on it.


I need a beer.

Did it get hexed, or did something really good happen?

Do I owe you that drink yet?

<hoping that it was all dang good stuff>
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Reply Tue 22 Nov, 2005 11:44 am
My whole family is plugged in, my grandfather has gottne really into cell phones, computers, digital cameras, etc. He was an automotive engineer, so it's like the new frontier for him!

I really like Verizon for a carrier, I've had them for ages, used to have AT&T and hated it! I really recommend Verizon - coverage is all about the same in the US for normal day to day use and the difference comes with customer services.

I have a Samsung and really like it but am going to upgrade with my next phone, I've been looking at the VX9800 from LG - it's got all the latest bells and whistles (camera, MP3, keyboard, etc.).

Have you figured out what you're going to get?
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Reply Sun 11 Dec, 2005 09:23 pm
Geesh Kicky, just get the one with the most powerful vibrator.
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