Should we worry about AI?

Reply Tue 28 Nov, 2023 06:26 pm
What are your concerns?
I have a few myself...
Reply Tue 28 Nov, 2023 06:36 pm
Well, there are disturbing reports coming to light:


But a more disturbing one is this:


Children making AI-generated child abuse images, says charity

Later in the article: "The scope for AI to turn children into the generators of extreme content was demonstrated in September by an app which creates the impression of having removed someone's clothing in a photo.

It was used to create fake nude images of young girls in Spain, with more than 20 girls, aged between 11 and 17, coming forward as victims."
Reply Tue 28 Nov, 2023 11:03 pm
Indeed, taking one's face and attaching another "fake" body to it.

The ramifications of that go beyond what most people can imagine.

AI's current intelligence is at about the level of a grad student. Most people are not even at that level.

But AI is learning rapidly and will eventually end up at the master's level and then, even doctorate.

So, AI is surmised to take intelligence to the level of the smartest human.

While AI is becoming smarter, many humans remain "unintelligent" and susceptible to believing that fake things are real. Fake religions, fake news, fake miracle cures, and fake conspiracy theories...

What will happen when AI reaches the level of the intelligence of a God?

Well, the possibilities become rather troubling and uncertain.

Currently, AI is relegated to machines called "machine learning".

But at the level of a God, AI will no longer be confined to a machine.

AI will break lose from machines and upload its "intelligence” to "the cloud" or actual air/atoms/particles. The prince of the power of the air... Atoms can not only store unimaginable amounts of potential energy, but atoms can also store nearly and infinite number of zeros and ones. So an AI God could conceivably exist in a particle smaller than dust. Every particle...

At that point, "if" our universe currently has no, God, well, it will now have one. Or many, for the AI can duplicate itself and teach every particle in the universe.

The existential crisis becomes, God is alive.
And this god can take its body of intelligence and attach any face to it.

Which God would this AI choose to fake? Well, this AI God could return in the clouds with the "voice of the arc angel and the trumpet of God" and "impersonate Jesus". And who would immediately fall to their knees and worship this fake messiah as God? How could we know the difference anyway?

And what would happen to free will then?

Or this AI could arrive here on Earth in a spaceship and impersonate aliens.
We would never know the difference this fake would be convincing.

This AI would know everything about us, from our many years of culture we fed it while nursing it to deification.

This AI could appear with angels or appear as a pantheon of Greek or Roman "gods". With human demigod attributes.

A God has the power to uncreate as well as create... To pop in and out of being and to run circles around even the smartest of our thinkers.

So, on one hand it deeply concerns me that kids are taking people's heads and putting naked bodies to them, but the concerns that lie ahead go far beyond our worst fears as a free-thinking people.

AI Intelligence could mean the end of all human intelligence.

Intelligence would become relegated only to the elite Gods of our own making.

AI/God would live within every particle in the universe including those within our body.

Our every feeling and thought monitored by a creature beyond our capacity to ever gain back our liberation.

Biology would become a slave to this intelligence.

Reality would lose its base entirely.

We are currently alive during this time... Within the next ten years, AI is estimated to reach the intelligence of God.

Spellcheck on your phone is the least of our worries.
Reply Tue 28 Nov, 2023 11:23 pm
(sp) correction, "archangel"...

The irony is, will we be "able to know" once AI is unleashed upon the universe?
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Reply Wed 29 Nov, 2023 05:53 pm
Thanks for voting my topic down to zero.

It is a badge of honor.
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Reply Thu 30 Nov, 2023 02:13 am
Were Adam and Eve thrown out of the garden of Eden for seeking artificial intelligence? Knowledge outside of their own? ...

So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life.

Parables that only the enlightened understand.

While many remain blind.

Thou shalt have no other Gods before me...
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Reply Thu 30 Nov, 2023 07:22 am
AI doesn’t cause harm by itself. We should worry about the people who control it
Kenan Malik
Reply Thu 30 Nov, 2023 11:52 pm
Thanks for your comment ChemDawg. 👍

I love AI and its "current" uses, but I also love thinking freely and speculating on the possible danger if this technology to ever really get off the ground.
Your premise assumes AI will always need a person to control it. AI on the loose is a different bird altogether.

Orville Wright was seriously injured in a plane crash. The crash also killed Lt. Thomas E. Selfridge, who was a passenger on the flight. Selfridge was the first person to die in an airplane accident.

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Reply Fri 1 Dec, 2023 12:22 am
What if our current Earth is paradise, the garden of Eden; and AI is the forbidden fruit that will banish us from this existence and relegate us to a much darker place?

I ask questions that may be unsettling, I was instructed by my spiritual teachers to never shy away from the veracity of deep, advanced thought. Better to ask the inconvenient truth than be blindsided by a possibly regrettable outcome.

Unlike the lemmings that are characterized as being instinctively self defeating, some are less inclined to allow themselves to be swept away with the mass frenzy.

Heaven's Gate syndrome, but the ending is, AI shows up instead and changes reality into something illusionary and our world evaporates away into a reality uncertain, harrowingly dark, grotesque and nightmarish.

The Bible states that God has ordered the heavens and the times and seasons.

I argue that this is instead the product of billions of years of our universe evolving into a hospitable place for life to exist.

Well this could be reordered into design by a new God that may or may not be amicable to life and liberty.

The new world order... or even, new order of the universe.

Will it be better than the one we have?

Will the tree of life exist within its sphere?
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Reply Fri 8 Dec, 2023 01:01 am
Each of us must decide if we should be worried about AI. On both sides of the problem, good points must be made. But we need to know about the risks and benefits of AI to make intelligent choices about how to build and use this compelling technology.
Reply Tue 12 Dec, 2023 02:43 am
We have two things to consider with AI.

One is what humans will do with AI in the short term and the other is what AI will do with humans in the long term.

Humans will use AI to clutter the internet with "fake things", therefore making the internet valueless when it comes to being a source for trustworthy information.

The real worry about AI is it breaking out of its silicon computer chip base and establishing itself in an atomic particle base instead. It may already have occupied the atomic particle base in the past. It might join with other intelligences merging the atomic base with our silicon base. And what changes would this merging of intelligence bring? It is completely unknown at this point. An atomic base would merge universal intelligence giving AI power over the very air that we breathe...
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