Common name is "Caspi"

Reply Mon 31 Mar, 2003 06:32 am
Can any botanists out there fill me in about skin reaction to the parts of this tree. I couldn't quite get the jist of the guide's explanation but it sounded grave. The name is: Toxicodendron striatum


Det by - A. Barfod, 1985
Collection Information:
Colombia, Valle del Cauca, Yotoco
Elevation: 1450 m
Collector(s): Wilson Devia A.
Collection number: 895
Collection date: 15 enero 1985
Herbaria: MO
Specimen data: Arbusto, 4 m de altura; frutos inmaduros verde
oscuro, maduros verde rojizo, hojas amarillo verdoso. n.c.
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Reply Mon 31 Mar, 2003 06:58 am
Whew- This was a rough one. Most of the references were in Spanish. But I found this:

Toxicodendron striatum Kuntze
(syns Rhus striata Ruiz & Pavón, Rhus juglandifolia Willd.) Poison Sumac, Manzanillo, Hinchador, Amché, Palo de Compadre
This small tree grows in Central America and in northern South America. The common name manzanillo is applied both to the tree and its timber. The name manzanillo is also applied to the botanically unrelated Hippomane mancinella L. (fam. Euphorbiaceae). Hinchador is the name used in Costa Rica, and means "the sweller". The shrub is of the right height to brush easily against the face and hands (Standley 1927).
It has caused severe allergic contact dermatitis with blistering and oedema (Dahlgren & Standley 1944, Standley & Steyermark 1949, de Hurtado 1965). In one case (de Hurtado 1965), the dermatitis developed two days after sawing the wood and persisted for two weeks.
Sprague (1921) wrote that Humboldt and Bonpland were sceptical as to the alleged ill-effects of remaining under the tree without actual contact taking place:


Looks like it was good old "poison sumac"!

"oedema"- more common spelling is edema, means swelling from water retention in the tissues!
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Reply Mon 31 Mar, 2003 08:33 am
Bravo Phoenix well done! Thanks a bunch.

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Reply Mon 31 Mar, 2003 08:44 am
Very Happy
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