Montague Hunts (Witch Hunt vs. Warlock Hunt)

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A witch hunt, is a deliberate act of sabotage, invoked by a spy's infantry, a Montague (Muhammadan Palestinian Saxon), in service to Britain, or related line of marriage or claim of ancestry of alliance. It causes a mass pogrom, a genocide, to the rival side. Top supporters, are always quartermastered and killed, over a gesture of political offense, that disrupts civilians, however separating civilians, from forces of inquisition and secret police, by act of trial.

A warlock, meanwhile, has framed someone, as one of us, on a particular form of witchcraft, one of our past trials. This is the trek of the Knight, a Montague reducing themselves to peasantry, serfdom, and poverty, "madness", to hunt the foe, especially a rival with a fortification and Noble blood, a "challenge", to the sanctity of the witchcraft court remaining, an attempt at theft of legacy of history for soldiers despite executor of will long past testament, the Aryan-Jewish ideal of Abraham's son, Isaac.

Witch Hunt Roster (Personal):

Minotaur of the Labrynth: The Cretian period of Minos, the concept of the maze being an institution to name location, reversed by invention of personal device being the title of kingdom if claiming loyalty of followers through child Herculean.

Oath of the Doctor: The difference between legal for court's practice, and lawful for practice of ethics, the doctor's code to invoke falsehood to other doctor, until legal is ignored and lawful is paramount.

Passion of the Christ: The refutation of Christ by St. Nathaniel, Bartleby the Muse, by taking the works of the Torah, and placing them through the Ledger of the Talmud, however in support of Heresy, the mixing of alcohol and marijuana.

The Number of the Beast: The Boxing Match of a Generation, Muhammad's sales of boxing gear and bullion for marital gifts, is removed by Bahira, 'J', the Giddra of Britain, having traveled to Arabia to begin modern swordsmanship. But the Quran, is for marriage, not pimping, thus any seeking pay for sex of arrangement, shall be gay, from the Seal of the Prophet, the revelation that religion, is a scam, that's why you bought it.

The Badge of Copper: The establishment of a form, and a stamp, the form being what is allowed, and the stamp being the office of international according, the stamp always doing the same thing to the same form, no matter which stamp; the heresy, is the badge number, not for the person, but for the origin of office.

Ali from Cairo: Do you think you're too cool for school, but you're here? You can't drink alcohol, doing that job. You can't go to college, that's for the military. You keep arguing my ethics, but it's your degree.

The Trek West: What's with these guys, always doing what the other guys are doing? I better establish a combat system, based on dualism, the retarded thing, pederasty, but I'm one point of the spectrum, and the exact opposite, is everyone else, but only my own soldiers. That way, I point, and they all do something, but I don't. Scary, isn't it?

The Trial of Doctor Fian: The King of Scotland's top supporter, Doctor Fian, must take a suggestion, for a monk, a man capable of firmament of solitude, without assistance or medication. But perhaps if these men could be freed, we'd have more fighting soldiers. Surely, more courts, for our friend, Dr. Fian, a scribe's thief, having elected upon a suggestion in his support, James' policy of religious law. But what of a physician's day of rest? Surely, the Bible, can heal the dead.

The Trial of Calvin: We had two pies. Europe, had tourtierre, Arabia, had mincement. The pork and beef, European, and the fig and clove, Arabia. But what if the French, could have more pies, at a time of war, to support the troops? A painting of a pie being made, for a pie, good sir?

The Red Badge of Courage: Pierre, is French for the English name, Peter, right? Actually, Peter is French, and Pierre, is an English fencing term, for nemesis, killing the better sniper. An entire campaign, based on working for Britain, unannounced, without the Germans, French, or Irish suspecting, hence the Papacy is now against media in courts, being used as evidence.

The Tale of Maid Marian: Did you know a mortician, has different training, than a doctor? But the equipment for embalming and liposuction, is the same. It's the difference in the woman you seek, I suppose. Before this, the woman used to seek you. But not on a cop's salary, Marian. Go marry the Sheriff, I just work around here.

Johnny Hollywood: Insurance, and espionage, are never fair. Especially when it's always sabotage. There are three roles, in insurance. A police agent, a counter-espionage agent, and a sabotage agent. If a police agent, is put into a spy's slot, by a counter-espionage agent, and they're both in the same country, the sabotage agent always wins, because the other one turns gay, and raises queer kids. The other one, is Johnny Hollywood, the ancestor of every great spy you've ever met. They just get shoulders, and the other guy, keeps getting shorter, every generation.

The Hunt of Othello: The plays of Shakespeare, for a white man, since Catechism, for a black man, since Christ, for the Irish, since Elizabeth, and for a woman, since Susan B. Anthony. Placed in a particular order of buoyancy of boats, connected to logistics networks, the cheat claims to have had alcohol, but hasn't, underage, yet seeks to gamble, the games of the wealthy. They must admit to their fraud, or go through stage after stage, of each play, placing it upon themselves, with the champions as the other characters, and Othello, never once existing or invoked or possible to play, the main witch invisible until the very end, when the curtain falls on them, and they come out, of the wizard's little closet.

Old Tanacharison's Bow: Samuel Mercutio, was stolen from his father, a Montague, given a black man's name, despite being white. His suggestions to his mother's business investitures were so fine, that the business collapsed under accusation of witchcraft, stealing a child for a poor farmer's book, and the child put his mother to the stake himself, before signing on with the British Spy's Infantry, and coming to New York Colony, to fight the Colonials, the Continental Army. Given specific orders to create a "swamp gas", the Americans froze solid cold in Valley Forge, convinced their women were German spies, from being told "what a fag", shitting out their insides from veal mixed into tourtierre, the idea that bankrupted his mother's business. Taking a new name after the campaign, he decided to keep this funny place, called America.

The Three Blind Mice: Jack Chartley, a professional adventurer from the Colony of Massachusetts, and learned scholar of Germany and cavalry, was called up by France and the Jews of high hire, paid a king's ransom, to create the Jewish Mafia, an alternative to the Italian painter's union. Recruiting Schopenhauer to create political economy, Marx to create university fraud, and Nietzsche to create drama prosthetics, he gave Schopenhauer sex with a lawyer, Marx the life of a British spy, and Nietzsche a marriage to a prostitute. He faded into that gentle evening, raving mad in a psych ward, with a lobotomy and mauser cables strapped to his head, screaming about human flesh of Jews to consume, "blade meat sandwiches".

The Underground Railroad: The entire war effort, of the Confederate South, ran through her allies in Canada, the British Empire. Marijuana grown by freed slaves paid high token, businesses and patents and industry and top schools, in Canada and the British Empire and Europe, were charged with growing bushels of marijuana, and sending it down south on the Underground Railroad, to Confederate soldiers, in place of the Confederate's ties to the Amish cut off by the South, since they served the Queen of the Glucksbergs, Sweden and Denmark. The Swedes were beat mightily that day, by pure opium hash, their fantastic quiz to this day, "meadems".

Top Frag: During the Spanish-American War, in the Phillippines, one of us betrayed the families, by taking a training academy for officers, in the military, a lieutenant platoon commander, or a naval ship's beacon, ensign or hire. Refusing to become teachers and cops, we threw him into his rig, and dropped frag charges in his boat, blaming it on the work of Australian mine laborers nearby, "ANZAC" we claimed. Now, anyone trying to make one of us an officer, a cop, or a teacher, goes down in a hate crime, from a "Midian", a delusion of supremacy over us, as a reference to both of us being "clowns", prison inmates.

The Battle of the Somme: The Somme battle, was intended to be a breakthrough by Germans, planned by French command, on a ridge lowering across Belgian territory into a French breakwash, letting the Irish handle the casualties for being insolent to King George, and the French being the heroes, solving the old conflict with their new agency, INTERPOL, sweat shops and wine cargo haulers and mercenary soldiers and cross-jurisdiction warfare with private detectives for all, an investment between the Carnegies and the Gnostics. One single Canadian soldier, "Evil" Ernie, a cook, took to a machine gun and gunned down his own line, Irish-Protestants, by chance of luck, and then, when the Germans came through, poured borscht in his coolant, to make it "hot fire" again, and look at those Germans dance. Then, the trenches came, for the honor of the Stasi, the Soviets, and their children's revolution, under King George and Czar Nicholas I, to fight liars who'd put a textbook written by an Arab slave in richkind's clothes on radio and TV, to make us think we were at war.

M is for Murder: What if I told you, the greatest lie, was in a movie theater, not from the print, but from the fan? It isn't the movie itself, it's what it does to you. Did you realize that the Schulzstaffel, a culture of banking and gambling and tradition of industry, building and growing in wealth, watch every film they can, but the preferred Chosen of Adolf Hitler, in 1931, panned film and television and music and grass and work and finance, for revolutionary politics, the pamphlets and street wars? What is it about a movie, that can send the Devil to prison, capturing him in a Lamp, and driving Adolf Hitler, into a raving insane beast, while the Schulzstaffel are free to be honored, as soldiers, the real fans of the sport of war, someone that's afraid of dying.

Batman Doesn't Cry: Batman, the icon of the Montreal Mafia, modeled on "Evil" Ernie, was an experiment in creating a new Bible, where you can't follow the hero's rules to be the hero, and the villains, all have a "twitch", if they call you the villain, so you can make a "jibe", at them, to reveal them as "dwarves", little men of crime that think being criminal is drinking underage, instead of setting up a single move, for MI-6 and the Scottish gangs, then letting it play out over a century before it shuts down, your criminal caught and your family nabbed in the violence, to repatriate and return to flesh and soil. But, the CAD layout man, was robbed of his payment, and sent to prison, for being black, and not Jewish, despite being a Montreal mobster of the family of model. He had a first draft, meant to be sent second, if not paid. Joe Chill, is meant to cry, in the second draft, second degree manslaughter, and after Bob Kane got raped by Joi-Louis Charlebois, when he was released from prison, Joi-Louis was the one crying, he was the real Batman. Bob Kane sat their, stonefaced, a racist liar.

The Big One: A single Naval infantry, was assigned by The Commission, hired out of The Office before the Italians took over, through an MI-6 drop in Providence, to make contact with Howard Hughes, on a sensitive mission for international peace, between Britain, and the Jewish people, to hide the fact that royal psychics in Europe, and royal psychics in Japan, were stealing from each other, creating the Japanese military, and the European Gestapo, both unaware, except a little girl with a very smart idea, the Crown Princess and her little sister. One Naval Trooper, infiltrated the Marines at Guadal Canal after eliminating his Haganah rival, the assassin's bullet for Howard Hughes, and then crept through the underbrush, setting up carefully the firebombing of the Marine base, then getting his cocked sucked by a horrified Irish O'Neill to take the credit for it with Howard Hughes, leaving him as the last man standing to prep the screw wrench for the plane, his invention as a little toddler, a left-handed wrench that could work an inside engine for short runway takeoff, necessary for Hiroshima. He had to suck Howard Hughes' dick, then got dumped at Iwo Jima, killing horrified Japanese soldiers, at a raving insane, drunking, chain smoking Amish with a rifle and no shirt and sunglasses.

Malcolm X: The most sensitive MI-6 infiltration of all time, a suicide mission, Malcolm Little was charged with ending the slavery of blacks and hispanics in the Israeli Defense Force compound, "Nation of Islam", a music group posing as religious, to poison children in the womb into making beats, songs, and rips, or worse, after retirement, work in factories. The segregation message, was carefully worked through Marvel Comics, with the character "Rhino" planted as his own kin, the politician's folly to hunt over an insult, revealing Hitler or any other dictator, then the extraction, the film "Live and Let Die", getting him killed, by "Muslims", actually British actors in his own set, his payment. The term "Muslim", slurred, as traitor. Malcolm X had fetal alcohol syndrome, from his mother living in a dry home her entire life, and not knowing medicine. Still, he was a King, a witch hunter.

The Bridgewater Triangle: The worst atrocity committed by the Montreal Mob's inner circle, the Attleboro Chapter, in the history of the organization, dating to the MI-6 foundation of the concept during the American Civil War. Dixie, Elmer's Glue, and Arab Nationalism. The Deep South's Klaverns, the Cuban purchase of glue paste, and the Arab peace process, all as a weapon to fight a growing darkness in the Middle East and Russia, the Chechnyans, by allegation an ethnicity or country, actually a Wild West, a badlands, run by strange entities. Nuke the Middle East. Before the Omega Strain spreads.

The Free Hand: The market, is fickle. The problem is, a fickle hand, isn't as smart, and a grabby hand, isn't as patient. That's a simple test, in division between pink collar, a doctor, the latter, and white collar, the executive, the former. Blue collar, gets screwed both ways, unless you don't choose for them. A team of three sons, one Irishman descended from Hewlett James O'Neill Logan, a Korean War court martial and sperm donation, formerly a writer for Ace Comics and a draft off his bus to work, for the Korean Conflict, the other, a pair of investors out of a Jewish town, with a quiet reverance for the disaster caused by police. All three, observant, into how to turn a police investment out of Canada, the DEA show's "Fat Tony", on the Simpsons, sold as your friend by Agent Matthew Groening, the lead producer, into a private sector retail power to remove the East Indies Company from influence, the family's past crime that took them to prominence as spies.
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